Miller Lite Tap the Future completes its 2016 6-city tour

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Miller Lite’s TapThe Future program continues to innovate and highlight the next great entrepreneurs. The programs have produced entrepreneurs with ideas that will solve problems and inspire innovation.

“Miller Lite’s Tap the Future empowers you to pitch your original business and encourages you to stay true to yourself and come as you are,” Steve Canal shared. “In its third year, Miller Lite Tap the Future features one $200K grand prize, six $20K semifinalist prizes, six live Pitch opportunities. Attendees also have access to mentors and business moguls, including Daymond John from ABC’s ‘Shark Tank.'”

Throughout each tour stop, lifestyle specialist Kenny Burns created an engaging environment that allowed the pitch competition to be informative and entertaining. Burns continues to leave his mark as SVP of marketing for Comb Enterprises, the author of The Dream is Real, and owner of

Following each event, Daymond John took questions from the audience and provided keen advice on business, family, and striving for success.

“We’re getting to invest in people’s future,” John said. “What’s valuable about Miller Lite’s Tap The Future is that we are giving money to individuals for start-up capital. That’s free capital and they don’t have to give up a percentage of the company. As well as people in the local market are seeing how it is to pitch first hand. It’s the tough questions and great presentation. It’s people creating jobs, making people happy and changing lives.”

Tap the Future has forged a new method of highlighting the vision of young adults with the next great idea.

Kenny Burns - #TapTheFuture at The Park West in Chicago - Photo Credit: Eddy "Precise" Lamarre
Kenny Burns – #TapTheFuture at The Park West in Chicago (Photo credit: Eddy “Precise” Lamarre)
Daymond John - #TapTheFuture at The Park West in Chicago - Photo Credit: Eddy "Precise" Lamarre
Daymond John – #TapTheFuture at The Park West in Chicago (Photo credit: Eddy “Precise” Lamarre)

Below are the six finalists who will compete for the $200K grand prize.

Houston – HoneyMoon Brewery LLC – HoneyMoon Brewery LLC’s mission is to introduce the country to a special creation of probiotic tea (Kombucha) that has gone through several stages of fermentation, resulting in a delicious and very unique alcoholic beverage.

Philadelphia – CosmoSafe – CosmoSafe is an e-learning business that trains, educates and certifies makeup artists on hygiene and sanitary measures to protect public health and safety.

Miami – Nueki – Nuekie, Inc. (pronounced: Nu-whe-key), is an innovative health and beauty company for people of color. Nuekie uses its proficiency in combining traditional African medicine and modern science to develop products and services to meet the health and beauty needs of people of color. Nuekie is where tradition and science heals.

Atlanta –Pass it Down – Imagine if you could go back and hear your loved ones speak about their life. Pass It Down makes it easy for people everywhere to capture their life stories. Using their phone, tablet, or computer, they can ask and answer questions provided by oral historians to capture memories.

Chicago – CHOP CHOP – CHOP CHOP provides a high-end mobile salon service that encourages multicultural interaction and acts as an avenue for the progression of race relations.

Los Angeles – Tip Flops LLC – Stop Waiting & Start Walking! Tip Flops is a two-in-one shoe. It combines toe separators with a flip flop.

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