Young Thug finally addresses his controversial ‘JEFFERY’ album cover

Young Thug’s cover art for his new album titled, No, My Name Is JEFFERY, has been raising eyebrows since it’s release on August 25, 2016. The Slime Season rapper was photographed on his cover draped in an elegant dressed fit for him to slay on the Met Gala and Oscars red carpet. Thug has been notorious for pushing the fashion envelope but many feel he may have gone too far with is eclecticism. Since he dropped his album, several mainstream artists have dropped theirs but of course, this one still has the internet in an uproar. Fans have even been questioning his sexual preference, dismissing his engagement to his beautiful fiancée Jerrika Karlae.


Luckily photographer Garfield Larmond who was the brains behind the Japanese-inspired shoot was able to detail where the high-fashion concept was birthed. In a recent interview with Fader, he stated that the gorgeous garment was introduced by VFILES founder Julie Anne Quay during a business meeting in New York. The piece was created by designer Alessandro Trincone. Larmond definitely cleared the air filled with a sea of unanswered questions but fans were still unsatisfied and wanted to hear the tea straight from the rapper himself.

After sparking plenty of discussions, the fashionably progressive rapper spoke out in an on-camera interview alongside his fiancée and soon to be mother-in-law at the VFILES headquarters. Thug mentioned drawing his inspiration from Sub-Zero in Mortal Combat and made the executive decision to be styled in the feminine ensemble for his cover shoot. He wanted the dress the moment he laid eyes on it.Now we have video of the exact moment that happened. Let us know your thoughts. Do you think Young Thug’s album art work is too risqué?

Lala Martinez
Lala Martinez

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