Rashida Jones knows how to get the job done

Rashida Jones
Rashida Jones Photo credit: — @rashidaaj

Rashida Jones
Managing Editor
Hampton University, B.A.

Rashida Jones is managing editor of MSNBC. Upon her hiring, MSNBC VP and executive editor, Yvette Miley wrote to the staff, “Rashida, a highly-sought after newsroom leader, has always been someone I wanted on our team … She is a visionary who understands strategy and how to lead a team to accomplish a goal.”

Jones takes her responsibility to her audience seriously. “I became a journalist because I valued the power and responsibility of telling meaningful stories. Being at the forefront of history, with the responsibility of being a griot to all communities, is among the most powerful jobs on this planet.”

The Path

Prior to joining MSNBC, Jones was news director for NBC’s Columbia, S.C. affiliate. She had also been Director of Live Programming for The Weather Channel.

Jones explains that it was a combination of hard work and good luck that led to her first break in journalism.

“I learned how to edit in college to help me get my foot in the door somewhere. My former classmate-turned-classroom instructor Barbara Ciara (anchor and Managing Editor at WTKR-TV in Norfolk), encouraged our class to apply for an editor job at her station. On the same day, we had a guest speaker, who was a producer at Barbara’s station. I spent the entire class that day soaking up as much as I could from her—I wanted to be a producer, and she had my dream job. Fast forward a few hours later—I didn’t get the editor job, [but] I was hired as an Associate Producer. That’s when I realized, you are always auditioning.”


“My current focus is broadcast, but as the mediums continue to merge, I see social media taking a greater focus in our reporting. It’s where we are able to share our reporting in real time. Our goal is accurate reporting shared en masse, and social media gives us the opportunity to do so. You will see more of that as the platforms continue to develop.”

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