Photo: via Grayson family

Baltimore teacher Timothy Korr could spend the next 85 years of his life behind bars for beating 7-year-old Trayvon Grayson. According to reports by WJZ, the incident took place at City Springs Elementary.

Korr, 25, initially told authorities that he was attempting to remove Grayson from the class for being disruptive. He claimed the boy tripped and hit the wall by himself. However, video footage showed Korr grabbing Grayson by the collar and slamming him into a wall. Grayson’s body goes limp following the attack.

When Grayson’s parents arrived at the school, their son was being placed in the back of an ambulance. The young boy was crying and blood was pouring from his swollen mouth. Grayson was treated by doctors who discovered the boy had a broken jaw, bruises, and two missing teeth. Another tooth was pushed into his gums.

Baltimore City Schools later announced that Korr was not an employee of their school system and worked with the Baltimore Curriculum Project. He has since been fired.

The incident shows why it remains important for school systems to properly vet the people who encounter their students. Public schools across the nation have allowed unqualified teachers and aides to have access to kids.

In Prince George County, Deonte Carraway was hired by Judge Sylvania Woods Elementary to serve as a school aide. But instead of providing guidance to the students, Carraway sexually exploited kids who attended the school. At least 23 children from the ages of 9 to 13 were forced to participate in sex acts with Carraway who also filmed the students. His exploits were uncovered when a parent of one of the victims saw a photo of a nude person on the child’s phone. The victim eventually revealed how Carraway would use Kik to communicate with the kids and send and receive sexual images and videos. Carraway filmed young boys and girls performing sex acts around the school, at a church, a recreational center and at their kids’ homes where their parents weren’t there.

Carraway faces federal and local charges on child porn and sexual abuse. Charges were added after additional video of an exploited child emerged. In Prince George County, Carraway faces 270 counts of sex crimes and child pornography.

In Baltimore, Korr faces charges such as child abuse, second-degree assault, and reckless endangerment of a minor.



A.R. Shaw

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