Fumero understands the importance of telling the perfect story through street art. So with each creation, he makes it a point to allow colors and figures to express his overall vision.

During Art Basel, Fumero brought his vision to life with an inspiring mural that told the story of his family. The mural, located in the Art District on NW 28th St, was completed on Dec. 5.

“Since I was a young boy, I’ve wanted to be an artist,” Furmero said during the unveiling of his work at Art Basel. “In 2000, I decided that I wanted to make a serious body of work called ‘The Table Series.’ I felt positive about my work and the message behind my art. My message is all about bringing the family together. I was making a conscious decision to come out to the world with my own vision and my own ‘ism.’ That’s how I came out with Fumeroism. It was something other than what was going on in the world. An ‘ism’ is an idea that can turn into a movement, and I believe that is what’s going to happen. Legend takes time.”

In creating the perfect piece, Fumero is inspired by vibrant colors that speak to the essence of each piece. “Color is a big part of my inner being,” he said. “I love black and white, but I love color a little bit more. I see color as a good energy, the colors I represent with my imagery. I see it as cartoon colors, I see it as graffiti colors, I see it as pure design.  I’m throwing up a salad bowl of colors. They have flavors. I’m throwing up Skittle colors, their juicy colors. My colors bounce around because I’m playing with unnatural flesh colors.  Colors are used to make things pop and project, to catch the viewers’ attention, to make them remember what they are seeing. Art is in the eye of the viewer, just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone sees things differently. The colors that I used, people gravitate to. My art is not political.”

Music also plays a major role in Fumero’s art. He listens to different forms of music while painting. DJ On the Skillet has served as a significant collaborator by providing the soundtrack to Fumero’s process of creating.

“Music is a big part of my art creation,” Fumero said. “Sometimes I like silence, but I love a nice thump or beat. My color pallet is expressive and vast, just the range of music I like to listen to.  I like to listen to DJ On the Skillet, he plays minimal groovy tracks.  I grew up listening to Biggie. I love to play him.  DJ Onda Skillet plays a digital electronic sound; nothing but pure tracks, not too many vocals. We work together from time to time at different art events. He inspires and motivates me. I have a wide range of musical tastes. I like to listen to artists that range from Biggie, Grace Jones to Jonny Cash. Music has rhythm and so does art. There’s the same type of mathematical equation that art and music share.”

After Fumero unveiled the “Table Series” mural at Art Basel, he discussed how he wants the work to impact others and inspire the importance of family.“The reason why I chose this is because I was waiting for the right space,” he said. “Art Basel 2016 in Miami, Florida is the right space.  I’m recreating one of my acrylic on canvas paintings called Mammy’s kitchen. The subject matter that I have the most heartfelt message is the table series. It brings me back to a simpler time when I was a kid with a lot of protection. A lot of my family members have passed away. It’s a universal culture of how the table brings family together. The kitchen table is where the party is at. It means a lot to me, but It means a lot to others because tables bring families and loved ones together. It’s about family and how kids need a strong family unit to become confident adults in life. I felt confident as a kid because I had people around me who supported me.”

Photos: A.R. Shaw

A.R. Shaw

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