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A White woman who has a mixed-race child went on a racist rant after the Black father of her child got cornrows put in her hair. The incident went viral after the father, Nick Harris, shared his story on Facebook.

The post featured screenshots of a text conversation between Harris and the woman who was identified as Sam. Harris paid to get their daughter’s hair cornrowed and Sam lashed out.

“I am so pissed off,” Sam wrote in regard to the child’s hair.

Harris responded by texting, “Is that seriously your response? It looks great! She doesn’t look ‘too black.’ ”

Sam then claimed that her mixed-race daughter was not Black and that she was taking the cornrows out.

Harris responded to Sam by reminding her that the child is indeed Black. “But she is Black. Unless I’m mistaken and I’m not her father,” he wrote. Sam told Harris that he was the father of the child, but the child “didn’t need hair like that.”

Sam told Harris that he was the father of the child, but the child “didn’t need hair like that.” “It’s ugly,” Sam wrote. “My kid is more White in my eye not fully Black so she don’t [sic] need that ugly hairstyles [sic].”

Harris then attempted to educate Sam on race and culture. “Your child is mixed, sweetie,” Harris wrote. “She’s half-White and half-Black. Her skin tone doesn’t affect her race. But ugly hairstyle? You send her over to me looking like a turkey. Mixed girls don’t wear their hair with bangs. … Were you expecting to have sex with a Black man and have a White baby?”

The interaction between Sam and Harris reveals how racism can even exist within families. Sam was with a Black man but clearly looks down on Black people and Black culture. It’s similar to some Whites who claim to have “Black friends,” but are racist with their actions.

Unless Sam can find a way to understand and appreciate Black culture, she will never completely love her child.

Harris ended his post by writing the hashtags, “Racismdisgustsme,” and “F—racism.”

A.R. Shaw

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  • Dontrell

    He should have never slept with her in the first place

    • Kev Mac

      Some of our brothers and sisters believe that them liking black peen or vag means they can’t be racist. They’re horribly mistaken.

      • David Thomas

        In general, nobody is more racist than black people. That has been MY experience.

  • Mason Youngblood

    Her kid may not look fully Black in her eye but she can’t deny that that d*ck didn’t look fully Black..but it wasn’t a problem..why is the little girl’s hair. I know white women like to undercover love a Black man and when other White folk find out about it the white women like to holler ‘rape’, deny it, etc. Same here..she don’t want other white folks looking at her daughter as nothing but white because otherwise it says,”I’m a n*gg** lover”. The nerve a these white cave b*tches.

  • David Thomas

    She is just as white as she is black.

  • lifelibertyhappiness

    Wow. This kid will need some outside reinforcement to help her feel good about her own natural hair. The brainwashing has already begun. In her eyes and in her house, she can see her kid any way that she wants. However, the rest of the world sees otherwise. Just ask President Obama.