Why advertisers should boycott A&E for attempting to normalize KKK terrorists


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Imagine if there was a reality show on American TV that normalized members of ISIS. The cameras would show how the ISIS members interacted with family members and how American standards were threatening their way of life. The viewer could develop a sense of sympathy and finally understand why an ISIS member would blow up a place of worship, initiate brutality on innocent people, and kill thousands through acts of terrorism. However, such a show would never be allowed to gain national exposure on a major network in America.

But White terrorists are allowed the platform. In January, A&E will air a reality show called “Generation KKK.” According to a statement by the A&E, the series is about “extracting families from the KKK and exposing hate.” Overall, the producers want to examine how people are born into hate.

However, it doesn’t take a series to examine how some people are born into hate. America has a way of revealing how racism continues to be a major problem in this country. Beyond a show that highlights racist terrorists, we have all witnessed how unarmed Black men such as Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and Walter Scott were killed for simply being Black. It’s not a mystery how the segregation of public education continues to occur in cities that claim to be liberal. Gentrification has forced older Black residents out of their homes as White residents help to raise tax rates and take over urban communities while profiling the citizens who have lived there for years. Mass incarceration, lack of healthcare, and economic inequality still disproportionally affect Blacks.

So if A&E really wants to examine and expose how people are born into hate, they should first take the time to do a reality series on hate and systematic racism. Because normalizing a family of KKK terrorists will not help to solve America’s deepest issues when systematic terrorism is just as deadly.

But one of the best ways to hit A&E is for advertisers to boycott the station. And if advertisers refuse to boycott the station, citiznes should boycott the advertisers who continue to work with the station.

There is power in numbers and A&E should be forced to realize the harm that can be done by airing a show based on the KKK.

A.R. Shaw is an author and journalist who documents culture, politics, and entertainment. He has covered The Obama White House, the summer Olympics in London, and currently serves as Lifestyle Editor for Rolling Out magazine. Follow his journey on Twitter @arshaw and Instagram @arshaw23.


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  • nosey rosy
    December 23, 2016

    A&E ARE oviously built up of racist to say a white person may not be racist is like saying a pitt bull may not bite it owner .whites own america so they think racism is about comunnism and control nat turner rebelliion is what they fear , we still have a right to fight back .and the fear of that brings out racism , i think trump dont quit get it . he evoked racism by saying he will descriminate on peopple it was not isis whom hung blacks from trees , separated families , mutilated babies of black women after impregnating her BY RAPPINGS ? we endured holocaust kind of hatred WE WOULD HAVE BEEN SLAUGHTED BY DOZENS IF WHITE WERENT SO L;AZY AND NEEDED FREE LABOR .to harvest their lands . . ,whites want us to forget their history AMERICAS KILLING HISTORY !! slaughter of innocent born on this soil ,WE BUILT AMERICA AND THIS IS OUR THANKS? KILLING OUR MALES WITH NO RAMIFICATION? NO JUSTICE FOR THE KILLERS INSTEAD PAID LEAVE , RETIREMENT ? WHILE TRUMP WORRY BOUT ISIS ? . HE NEED TO address the terrist who are killing black males AND FEMALES ..,, RACIST COPS , KKK ACTIVITY? on american sole hired terrist at that …. we are the victims of every white man who sat AROUND A CAMP FIRE WATCHING INNOCENT NIGROS BURN . THOUGH THE 500 YEARS ,. ITS DIRECTLY THE CAUSE OF WHITE FEAR RIGHT NOW 2016 FROM 17OO 1800 TIL NOW> SLAVES WE WERE DAM SLAVES HISTORY IS REPEATING RIGHT NOW. IF U CAN ALLOW HITLER IN THEN GET READY FOR HIS Followers MORBID BELIEF . . AE IS KKK run PERIOD ALL THAT MEDIA POWER IS LIKE NIXON BACK IN POWER ARE DAVID DUKE RUNNING FOR WHITE HOUSE .. REMEMBER ROSE WOOD MEDGER EVERS MARTIN LUTHER EMMITT TILL MERCILESS KILLINGS .. BY NOT ISIS NOT MEXICANS NOT JEWS NOT CHINESE BUT WHITE CAUCASION AMERICANS!!!!!! STOP LIEING A&E your attempt to smother truth is no crie for salavation just one whitemans ignorant idea … which is sinceless KKK NEVER NEED A PLATEFORM WE ALL KNOW WHO THEY ARE THEY ARE AMERICAS WHITES WHO VOTED TRUMP SIMPLE. who bask in a CELEBRATION OF TURNING AMERICA BACK TO A SLAVE HOLDING COUNTRY … make america great again? HELL WE WERE NEVER GREAT BACK THEN.


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