Photo Credit: Facebook - @pastor.shirleycaesar

Photo Credit: Facebook – @pastor.shirleycaesar

Shirley Caesar found herself in the same hot water that fellow gospel singer Kim Burrell was in this past week when a viral Facebook video seemingly showed Caesar defending Burrell’s infamous anti-gay sermon. However, Caesar recently came forward to clarify her words and deny that she ever said anything homophobic.

As previously reported, Burrell outraged fans across the nation earlier this month when a video surfaced of her telling church members that anyone afflicted with the “homosexual spirit” is “perverted.” She also made reference to Bishop Eddie Long’s reported illness as being relation for homosexual activity.

Since then, many celebs, including PharrellYolanda Adams, and Janelle Monae, have come forward to denounce Burrell’s hateful words. Talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres axed Burrell’s performance of her “Hidden Figures” song “I See Victory” with Pharrell on the show. And just within the past few days, Burrell was uninvited to BMI’s Trailblazers of Gospel Music Honors and her radio show at Texas Southern University was dropped from their lineup.

However, in the midst of this major backlash, a video surfaced of Caesar speaking about Burrell’s controversy in her sermon and the gospel legend said, “You should’ve said something four years ago when our President made that stuff all right.”

Since then, fans and critics have claimed that Caesar was siding with Burrell and showing her anti-gay viewpoint, as well.

However, Caesar recently spoke about being caught up in the backlash and claimed that she was not saying anything anti-gay in her sermon.

“I know who I am. I would never say anything to harm anybody,” Caesar said during a recent interview. “There’s no way I’m going to say something ugly about anybody. I don’t have time to. I’m in the fourth quarter of my life, and I’m doing everything I can to be the best humanitarian and best person that I can be.”

Caesar further elaborated, “What I was saying was, why now? Why break up your life now to be bothered with something like that?” she said of Burrell. “That was then, this is now. Let’s go forward now with our lives. To every community…let’s go on with our lives. Time is too short.”

Caesar concluded, “The Bible says that ‘By this shall all men know we’re his disciples, if you love one another.’ [Jesus] did not say whether they were a part of the LGBT or the NAACP. He just says love me.”

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  • Sharhonda Blue Streets

    Ceasar said just enough to ride the fence without falling over… She is in the 4th quarter of her life and for that reason probably don’t care what nobody think anyways…

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  • nosey rosy

    she back peddled a bit but not to harm she is saying we had plenty opportuniyt to march against gay laws and rights we all are human and we need toquit blaming gay homosexuality is no worst than racism it all not of god but we pray for change we can speak about
    it but we can feel bad

  • Jay Jay

    What she say if true or not,GOD is my only judge,Not man nor Woman! He who not sin cast the first stone.I still say as a Black man what have we learn from slavery ,The bible was use then And now we are using it the same way in spreading HATE toward other’s that we feel is different! I’m human just like you and the most important thing of all.I’m a child of GOD!