via Louisiana’s 19th Judicial District Court

A judge in Baton Rouge, Louisiana allegedly used racism to intimidate a Black woman. According to The Rouge Collection, the incident occurred on Feb. 3 at Sammy’s Grill restaurant.

Kaneitra Johnson and her friends were waiting at the bar when they began to speak with a Lyft driver. At some point, the Lyft driver got up from the bar to use the restroom. Johnson decided to sit down until he returned. However, the Lyft driver allowed Johnson to continue sitting once he returned. The two shared the seat until the Lyft driver told Johnson he was about to leave the bar. But before he walked away, Judge Mike Erwin shared his racist views with the Lyft driver.

“You never give up your seat for a n—-r,” Judge Erwin told the Lyft driver. “You should have made her get her fat n—-r a– up.”

The Lyft driver told Judge Erwin that the seat did not belong to anyone before leaving the bar. Johnson called the police and she found out that the racist man was a judge in Louisiana’s 19th Judicial District Court. The police never reprimanded Judge Erwin for his language and the managers at Sammy’s Grill allowed him to stay at the bar.

Johnson shared her ordeal on Facebook and the post soon went viral. After it went viral, the manager at Sammy Grill said that Erwin will be banned from the restaurant.

However, Judge Erwin has proved to be an inadequate choice to serve as a judge. After espousing racist and misogynistic views, he should not be allowed to determine the fate of citizens. If Judge Erwin doesn’t believe Black women should not have the right to sit down at a bar, it’s likely that he would take away the freedom of Black people who come into his courtroom accused of minor offenses.

Judge Erwin has yet to speak out on the matter.

A.R. Shaw

A.R. Shaw is an author and journalist who documents culture, politics, and entertainment. He has covered The Obama White House, the summer Olympics in London, and currently serves as Lifestyle Editor for Rolling Out magazine. Follow his journey on Twitter @arshaw and Instagram @arshaw23.

  • Red Stuck

    There are still over a thousand other restaurants in Baton Rouge where the judge and Johnson can dine.

  • sugarntasty

    Insult of social justice not surprise: criticism where is solidarity among society? Forgotten those suppose unity among color lines which never been define if you mind. Not wasting time get this jack
    ass impeached from bar “good olde” boys club extremely conservative going protect him. LGBTQ face ordeal southern states paradox “minorities whom support this attitude. Due to keeping my job or so called pension yes where divided argument blame justice for remark what about gangs in Black society. No this relevant youth arrogant belittling using “N” term Macklemore any suggestions?

  • Gin

    Here is the link to file a complaint against the judge. Fill it out and fax it in:


    • POWMIA

      Are you sure he even said what Johnson alleged he said? Thus far she is the only person quoted about the incident. Has ANYONE other than Johnson confirmed that they witnessed the statements? I haven’t seen any stories suggest that. I have seen numerous articles mention that Judge Erwin previously presided over a case where Johnson was the defendant, and that she is currently a defendant in another matter pending before different judge in Judge Erwin’s district office/court. Isn’t it possible that she made it all up as payback for Erwin ruling against her in the past or for his fellow judges ruling against her in the more recent criminal case against her? I think it would be pretty easy for a reporter to locate the Lyft driver or at least one of Johnson’s friends who were with her at the time to see if they can confirm Johnson’s allegation. I’m not giving this story much weight unless and until someone comes forth with some proof beyond the word of one person who already has a pretty clear reason to dislike Judge Erwin and other judges from the 19th JDC.

      • Tabitha White

        The Lyft driver needs to come forward.

      • Deplorable Rican ☨ʳᵉᵈᵉᵉᵐᵉᵈ

        So far all we have is this woman’s “word” Law enforcement investigated and could find no evidence that the Judge in said those words. I smell another hoax!

        • Jason

          See my comments to your brethren POWMIA or whatever above.

      • Jason

        Too many of you idiots are on these sites. Whenever something happens to Black people – there are always there “can you prove it” folks ready and willing to block the claim. If it isn’t true – let the Judge deny and sue as his name is being defiled. You suspected White Supremacist and your supporters need to go troll elsewhere.

  • Erica

    What could he possibly say? He showed himself. This isnt a “apology” situation. Only thing he could do is go into hiding. Or continue life this isnt important to anyone but us.

  • Soldier

    Sounds made up.

    • Alex Amerling

      Of course it’s made up. Every thing that black people have to endure is made up right? Was Jim Crow all a figment of their imagination? Jesus Christ, talk about ignorant.

      • Had Enough

        It beez 2017, git ovah it!

        • Jason

          Go away SWS

      • Frank

        “Hands up, don’t shoot” was made up. A complete fabrication

      • Jason

        The SWS are all over Rolling Out these days. More SWS and their supporters than real Black folks. Shame they have nothing else to do with their lives.

  • cal

    Judge Erwin handled a traffic offense involving Johnson, in 2010. Looks like she remembered and she concocted this lie as payback.

    • Had Enough

      That’s what it sounds like. A 6 year grudge against someone they feel “disreeespeckted” by is something they just can’t “git ovah” so easily.

  • cal

    A.R. Shaw- your racism and political agenda are showing. Your libelous writing should be of concern to your editors.

    • Alex Amerling

      Heil Cal.

  • MTG303

    Judge Erwin needs to be asked to resign or face being removed from his post as a judge. His behavior, attitude and words about black people are unacceptable especially for a judge.

  • SrAgri

    I agree with the posters who are calling for some standard of proof.

    If the allegations are verifiably true, the bar association should look into the matter. If the allegations are verifiably false, Johnson could be civilly liable for defamation. If the allegations cannot be verified either way, there’s really no point in discussing this further.