Shooting captured on Facebook Live claims life of Chicago toddler

Lavontay White Jr, (Photo Source: Facebook/ @Breunna Love Devontemajor)
Lavontay White Jr, (Photo Source: Facebook/ @Breunna Love Devontemajor)

The Facebook Live feature has once again caught a scene of tragedy and violence that has claimed the life of a Chicago child on Tuesday. The victim, Lavontay White Jr., 2, was riding in a car with his aunt, Breunna Devonte, 20 and her boyfriend, 27, who, according to police, was a known gang member.

Breunna Devonte and boyfriend (Photo Source: Facebook/@ Breunna Love Devontemajor screenshot ) Devonte and boyfriend
Breunna Devonte and boyfriend (Photo Source: Facebook/@ Breunna Love Devontemajor screenshot ) Devonte and boyfriend

As the car turned down a narrow alleyway, it was ambushed in what police are calling a targeted shooting. An unidentified gunman exited another vehicle and fired into the car, hitting Lavontay in the head, his 4-months pregnant aunt in the stomach and her boyfriend in the head.  Lavontay’s aunt was on Facebook Live singing along to a profanity-laced Chief Keef song with her boyfriend and captured the shooting on video.

Devonte runs from the car as the images go dark but audio can be heard of a frantic scene. She runs into a house and yells, “They shot him … Rikka [Sic], they shot his a–.”

An older Black woman is heard in the background telling Devonte to calm down. The injured woman then is heard to state “I got a bullet in my stomach … I can’t breathe.”

When the older woman is telling her she’s calling 911, Devonte is heard saying, “I can’t go … I can’t go to the hospital. I swear to God they will take me to Cicero. I can’t go; they might take me to jail.”

It does not appear that Devonte says anything about her nephew, only stating that they shot her boyfriend. Devonte was later transported to a hospital in fair condition but both she and her unborn child will survive. Lavontay White Jr. died a few hours later from his head injury.

The boyfriend, whose name has not yet been released, was pronounced dead at the scene. Police have stated they have promising leads in the case. This was the second shooting of a child in Chicago on that day. Earlier. an 11-year-old girl was hit by a stray bullet in the head and died.

The entire video can be seen on the next page. [WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE]

Mo Barnes
Mo Barnes

"Mo Betta" Maurice "Mo" Barnes is a graduate of Morehouse College and Political Scientist based in Atlanta. Mo is also a Blues musician.

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  2. Black lives matter ??? Too who obviously not our own black people but, we want everyone else to value us when we don’t even value ourselves…. no protests , no marches when we slaughter our own …sad

    1. No matter the situation – there should be a concern for Black life. It doesn’t matter if the 1% of bummy, dusty Black people continue their destruction. It does not excuse the behavior of you suspected White Supremacists and your minions.

      1. Thank you Jason! It frustrated me when someone make a comment like this. The black people that commit these types of crimes certainly don’t believe in the movement of “black lives matter”.

        1. Suspected White Supremacists and their minions like to argue that the entire Black community must not care about crime. In fact, Black people have been complaining about crime in the community since FOREVER. It is all rhetoric by the small minded.

          1. Black people complain about crime, but then BLM turns around and complains about the police and defends criminals.

            Why doesn’t BLM support some serious issues instead of rioting over criminals shot by police?

          2. How about encouraging people to cooperate with police investigating crimes?

            How about helping young black students to graduate?

            How about helping to reduce black teenagers’ involvement in crime?

            All of these things could bring about real change, but BLM would rather set back blame the police and white privilege.

          3. There are plenty of Black organizations doing ALL the items you list. BLM is just one cog in the wheel trying to solve a very serious problem in this country and around the world for Blacks. Also, don’t forget – we wouldn’t have a BLM if race soldiers hadn’t been allowed to murder Black individuals without consequence. I think the nation should be thankful for a group like BLM. Another type of group could have been rightly formed that would have sought justice via other methods.

    2. Crime is a result of poverty. Anywhere in the world u find areas economically deprived, u find crime. In addition, people commit crime against others who are in close proximity to them.

      Furthermore, blacks loving one another is not going to make white supremacist start loving u. Blacks loved each other openly in the 60’s and 70’s (black power movement). Yet they still hung blks from trees and slaughtered them in the streets.

  3. “I can’t go to the hospital, they’re gonna take me to jail”

    So you’d rather let your second kid die, than attempt to save his life because your dumbass got shot because of your decisions and are worried of going to jail? GTFO here

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    this is plain sad , i wish goverment will make live taping of crimes illegal our kids have to see this anger and pain

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