3 reasons your woman may be cheating on you

Atlanta author Sherrod Rutlant (Confessions of an Exotic Dancer) photo credit Sherrod Rutland
Atlanta writer Sherrod Rutlant (Confessions of an Exotic Dancer) (Photo courtesy of Sherrod Rutland)

Writer Sherrod Rutland gives the top three reasons your woman may be cheating on you.

  1. Physical satisfaction – Rutland says many women marry for security and not who they really feel connected with, which leaves many women unsatisfied sexually. He believes these women marry for money and cheat with men who satisfy them sexually.
  2. Something new – Contrary to popular belief, men aren’t the only ones who get bored in relationships. Many women cheat sometimes simply because they are bored at home and want something new.
  3. Challenge – Popular opinion suggests that men are the only ones who enjoy a challenge. Rutland says this isn’t true at all. He believes many women marry men who are “safe” in an effort to gain security but are truly attracted to a man who challenges them. The end result of this is women having affairs with men who offer an exciting challenge.

Rutland explains more after the break:

Christal Jordan
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