Blue Kimble (photo credit TV One)

Blue Kimble (photo credit TV One)

Actor Blue Kimble stopped by Relationship Reality Check studio to give us some tips on dating in the millennium. With a current single status on his relationship card, we’re sure the former football player turned actor has no problem attracting the ladies. We asked Blue how a woman could catch his eye and he surprised us with a simple answer: confidence.

With Blue’s star on the rise, we asked him what a woman could do to catch his attention. He said women should take the initiative to approach men more often. He said he enjoys when a woman has confidence to approach him. Although most of the time men will approach a woman if there is eye contact exchanged, Blue says it’s like a breath of fresh air when a woman steps up and goes after what she wants.

Here what Blue is looking for in his own words, after the break.

Christal Jordan

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