Podcast exclusive: #ATLOrgy hostess Cidney G sets the record straight

Cidney ’Total Liberation’ Green (Photo Source : Provided by Cidney G for rolling out)

By now most people have heard of the viral #ATLOrgy set to take place March 18-19. The event is a private birthday party for millennial entrepreneur Cidney “Total Liberation” Green and promises to be an extraordinary event catering to adult swingers. Guests who have pre-paid admission will be at a private lakefront mansion on 4 acres of land with total privacy. The story of the party has gone viral on Black Twitter and rolling out spoke with Cidney G about her upcoming birthday bash in this exclusive interview.

Mo Barnes
Mo Barnes

"Mo Betta" Maurice "Mo" Barnes is a graduate of Morehouse College and Political Scientist based in Atlanta. Mo is also a Blues musician.

  1. If people actually put any stock into this looney woman, then you hot a problem too. She was unable to even verbalize any real definition about her world and all that round about talk.about disease and stress is a bunch of malarkey! Her events pit people at even greater danger due to the cheap cost to attend. A serious swinger is not gonna make it easy for anyone to attend. I call BULL. Don’t be fooled by this lady.

    1. It’s Atlanta. Unfortunately, the “swinger community” here in Atlanta is a free-for-all. There are a couple of swinger’s nightclubs and people just pay the cover (which is even less that she is charging) and go in.

  2. A legit swingers event would pre-screen everyone in attendance from mental health to their sexual health. Everyone would be required to take STD testings and they also wouldn’t allow any singles for any type of money. They would do background checks and require certain identification from each person. It wouldn’t matter if you had the money to pay…. You’d get turned away if something didn’t seem right.

  3. Why is Atlanta so full of scam artists? It really makes the city look bad with so many Negroes there always conning each other. She needs her azz beat for stealing those people’s money, no matter how raunchy the purpose was…

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