Blac Chyna and more celebrities with their own dolls

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Blac Chyna gets her own doll.

According to Instagram, the video vixen turned reality star has been hard at work, gearing up for the release of her very own doll collection.

On Wednesday, March 8, the mother of two shared a series of video clips via social media, documenting her collaboration with My3DNA, which specializes in creating custom dolls, ranging from five inches long, priced at $99.99, to 11 inches, priced at $399.99.

Meanwhile, TMZ reports Chyna shot several different looks for her dolls, which they’ve been working on since last August. Come May, the line of dolls will be available in 6 to 8 different styles and sizes starting at about $75 each.

In the past, My3DNA has created figurines for celebs like Drake, Steve Aoki, Dan Bilzerian and the cast of “Black-ish.”

For more stars who’ve received their own doll, check out the gallery below and more, after the break.

R. Hawkins
R. Hawkins

Humble with a hint of Muhammad Ali...

  1. who wants a doll of this fat obese pie face trainny makeup million weaved train wreck from the hood . she and her moma is like neffy and frankie to me .. always hustlling off the kardashian name . kim and kris must be dieing to killer her . she has used robb to death she never wanted or desired his ass and sexed him minimal to get a egg laugh robb is straight up ignorant and desperate .

  2. I love it!
    I will collect them all.
    Chyna is young and beautiful, the majority of y’all children have made mistakes in life but I’m sure none are hustlers with success storie. Don’t forget Kim K has a doll and she’s been a day 1 high profile 304 from the start, but y’all love her. I’m praying for you Blac Chyna….let em hate. Bet yo bills paid?

      1. Aww someone isn’t happy today??????
        You mad cause she bouts to get paid and you probably been working and still ain’t paid, well Hatin on the next won’t help. It’s usually the unhappy people who are the most angry. I hope you have a better day/life

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