Photo Credit: Instagram - @azealiabanks

Photo Credit: Instagram – @azealiabanks

Azealia Banks has been all over the news as of late for her shocking butt fiasco in Paris. But another story that’s gaining traction in the news is the accusation that the troubled rapper once attacked her sister with a box cutter years ago.

According to news reports, the incident happened back in 2009 when Banks was just a minor.

“This is a case where she slashed her sister in the neck, the arm and the hand with a box cutter,” Assistant DA Shea Donato said.

At the time, Banks was arrested but was given special treatment because she was so young. However, this former case is reportedly about to affect the very adult Banks in a real way, because Donato plans to use the case against Banks in the rapper’s upcoming assault case.

As previously reported, Banks, who has a history of blowups and fights, was involved in an altercation in December 2015 at Manhattan nightspot Up&Down after she was denied entry into a VIP-only party at the club. Banks argued with security — who did not recognize her — and ended up in a physical altercation with a female bouncer, who she bit on the breast.

Banks was subsequently arrested and charged with assault. Banks was recently supposed to appear in court over the club assault but missed the court date because she was in Paris. The court put out an arrest warrant for Banks despite her attorney, John Vafa’s, pleas that she could make it to court the next day.

It looks like he worked his magic in court because he recently released a statement with an update on Banks’ trial.

“The Court retracted the warrant. Azealia appeared immediately after she returned to New York,” Vafa said.

Well, Banks may not be getting arrested any time soon, but the case isn’t over yet and sources say that not only does Donato hope to use Banks’ attack on her sister in court, but also the rest of her troubled history, including, perhaps, Banks’ 2016 altercation with actor Russell Crowe.

Things aren’t looking good for Banks, but what do you think of her latest scandal? Let us know in the comments.

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