Photo Credit: LiveLeak

Photo Credit: LiveLeak

A South Carolina woman goes bananas on a dude’s silver Cadillac Escalade because he reportedly cheated on her. She smashes most if not all of the windows with the face of the hammer and scratches side and hood of the SUV with choices word using the claw. One ended in “H” from what we could tell, you do the guessing. If you didn’t have the video complement the vandalism and relied totally on hearing, it sounds as if it’s the demolition stage of a home renovation. Crash! Bang! Boom!

It’s all captured on a video posted on LiveLeak on Monday, March 13, 2017.

Trending #HURTBAE video offers painful glimpse into aftermath of cheating

In her body conscious red dress, the young Black woman walks up to the videographer and speaks into the camera asking, threatening and cursing, almost inaudibly: “Who he say he gone get to beat my a**? Get em’. Tell em’ I’ll knock them up side the head with this hammer. He wanna f*** all these hoes and sh**. Dirty a** n****.”

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