911 Dispatcher Constance Hollinger

Photo source: Facebook – Constance Hollinger

On Nov. 22, 2014, at around 3:30 p.m., Tamir Rice was killed at Cudell Recreation Center in Cleveland after the local police got a call about a man waving a gun around. Within seconds of arriving at the scene, Tamir was shot and killed.

911 dispatcher at City of Cleveland, Constance Hollinger, received a phone call that eventually led to a white officer, Tim Loehmann, fatally shooting 12-year-old Tamir Rice.

Since Tamir’s death, lawyers and officers have been attempting to prove whether or not officer Loehmann was in the wrong.

According to dailymail.com, police Chief Calvin Williams read on March 10, 2017, that Hollinger knew the gun Tamir was playing with was not real. The caller mentioned that Tamir “was probably a juvenile” and “the gun is probably fake.” After hearing this, she still failed to report those important details.

Cuyahoga County prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty mentioned that Tamir’s death may not have happened if officer Loehmann had been aware of the missing details.

Dispatcher Hollinger was recently given an an eight-day suspension by Cleveland’s internal disciplinary system for her actions. Many people are arguing that since her failure resulted in the death of an innocent, this punishment is not severe enough.

The Black community is always quick to blame White officers for the injustices in the system and the fairly recent increase in deaths of innocent Black lives; however, in this case, the officer responsible for Tamir’s death was, in fact, Black as well. If she were to have reported the phone call correctly, Tamir Rice might still be alive today. 

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  • guest

    Still doesn’t change the fact that the cop pulled up and shot this child all within a couple of seconds.

    • GordonGekko

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    • Had Enough

      A “child” by age 12 should’ve been taught years ago NOT to run around in public brandishing even a “toy” weapon.

      Be honest now (though I now you can’t) If this CHILD ran up to you and jammed his TOY in your temple, tell me you’d laugh at him and push it awa – BLAAAAMM!

      And then silence, because this “child’s” “toy” just killed you stone dead.

      • Jay

        The child attacked no one. He was playing in a park with a toy, like most kids. I dont know why you would put child or toy in quotes as though either were in doubt, but I guess I’ll never understand the sort of person who goes online to blame a child for his own shooting.
        I’d say you ought to be ashamed of yourself but clearly you’re a stranger to shame.
        As for this woman, her colour is irrelevant. Her incompetence or indifference contributed to the death of a child and she should be fired.

        • Had Enough

          So, you’re saying the 911 operator KNEW, WITHOUT A DOUBT the gun was a harmless toy?! WOW! if only the cops had her psychic ability the kid would still be alive!

          Or, more realistically, if the child had of been taught NOT to point/aim his toy gun at anyone he’d still be alive.

  • GordonGekko


  • Had Enough

    O.K., since many of the younger generation have never been taught common sense (and are only capable of “feelin’ dissed”) HERE is how ordinary, average folk manage to make it through the day without getting tazed and / or shot by police.

    Of foremost importance, if an officer tells you to drop something THEN DROP IT! Do not try to ‘splain nothing! DROP IT! Whether it’s a toy gun, a real gun your favourite crack pipe or a hot dog with mustard – JUST DROP IT! Now is NOT the time to discuss your snivel rights being violated. Once the officer has a chance to see it is not a deadly weapon you were brandishing about in all directions, you will live to whine about the experience another day (and possibly even hit the Liberal Lotto – good times, eh?).

    Best of all, this simple step works regardless of colour or creed. Try it sometime!

    • Jay

      You must be out of your mind to be sitting there typing advice for how a12 year old can avoid being shot by adults.

      • Had Enough

        And your attitude/comment is EXACTLY why such a tragedy is possible.

        “Blame the cops for not knowing it was a toy!”
        “Sue the manufacture of the toy gun!”
        “Blame the government for not putting on warning labels!”

        p.s. The kid was 12 years old with a toy gun. Wanna guess how many 12 year old gang members there are with REAL guns? And YOU wanna take that chance when one is pointed at you?

        • SrAgri

          “Wanna guess how many 12 year old gang members there are with REAL guns? And YOU wanna take that chance when one is pointed at you?”


          It was a tragedy that Tamir Rice died. If his parents had taught him socially appropriate behavior, he would still be alive. A five-year-old may not understand the full implications of walking around pointing a realistic-looking gun at people, but a 12-year-old should. His parents failed him more than anyone.