Photo source: Collin County Jail

McKinney, Texas, police arrested orthopedic surgeon Dr. Donald Okechukwu Ozumba on two counts of sexual assault. The arrest was made Friday, March 31 at Dr. Ozumba’s office at OSSM Orthopedics.

Both charges involve female patients.

In a detailed report from the Dallas Morning News, last week, Dr. Ozumba treated a female patient for a sports injury. She informed local authorities that he exposed part her genitals and inappropriately massaged the area after he informed her that he needed to check for internal fluid.

Following her appointment, she stated in the affidavit that Dr. Ozumba told her to download a messaging app and sent her a text asking what her favorite part of the procedure was. The woman also told the police that she texted him back with a message that said “Not receiving a script,” then deleted the app. Dr. Ozumba continued to contact her via text requesting her to come back to his office, the report states.

The news outlet reported another victim came forward about being sexually harassed during her sonogram appointment with Dr. Ozumba. The patient told police she was provided with a gown and paper pants to cover herself by a nurse but said Dr. Ozumba told her he couldn’t proceed until she undressed entirely and wrapped herself in a sheet. She said he began rubbing her legs and poking her genitals. Initially, she thought it was the machine but later realized it was Dr. Ozumba’s hands. After the doctor left the room, she got dressed quickly and left the facility.

Dr. Ozumba has no prior criminal history and has been licensed by the Texas Board since 2005.

He was booked into the Collin County Jail and his bail was set at $25,000 for each charge. Dr. Ozumba was released Sunday morning.

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