Twitter on fire after brutal #UnitedAirlines abuse of passenger

United Airlines Twitter MEME (Image Source: Twitter/ Richard Pacheco‏ @RIPacheco79)
United Airlines Twitter MEME (Image Source: Twitter/ Richard Pacheco‏ @RIPacheco79)

The viral video of a United Airlines passenger who was assaulted by airport security has gone viral.  The plane was overbooked and a passenger was violently removed from his seat because airline employees needed it to make a flight. It has resulted in negative publicity for the company, especially since United Airlines has defended its decision that led to the assault on the passenger. According to the New York Times, a United Airlines spokesperson identified as Charlie Hobart said, “We had asked several times, politely for the man to give up his seat before force was used. We had a customer who refused to leave the aircraft … We have a number of customers on board that aircraft and they want to get to their destination on time and safely, and we want to work to get them there. Since that customer refused to leave the aircraft, we had to call … the police, and they came on board.”

Here is Twitter’s response to United Airlines and their treatment of customers and overbooking:

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