Tyrese apologizes for bashing women

Photo Credit: Instagram - @tyrese

Photo credit: Instagram – @tyrese

Tyrese was all over the headlines and the internet this past week as women across the country blasted the controversial singer after he criticized women’s appearance and sexuality. Tyrese’s bashing even garnered the attention of talk show host Wendy Williams, who recently took a shot at him and implied that he’s gay. Now, Tyrese seems to have had a change of heart and has posted an apology to his female fans on his social media pages.

Earlier this week, Tyrese bashed women who wear wigs and weaves and get plastic surgery. He also blasted “sluts, skeezers, h–s, tramps and overly aggressive, promiscuous women” and claimed that they don’t have any standards when it comes to men.

“You have women that are out here active out in these streets, they going [sic] to lunches and dinners every night,” he said in a recent interview. “Private planes, mega yachts, it’s cracking. They’re never without. However, it comes with a cost, you gonna put a lot of miles on yourself down there, come on.”

Not surprisingly, women responded in droves as they called out Tyrese on his high-profile critiques about them. Even Williams took note of the actor’s woman bashing and said during her “Hot Topics” segment, “Tyrese you never say anything bad about men. You’re always talking bad about women. Never anything bad about men. … Well, he likes men.”

Yesterday, Tyrese went on his Instagram page and began posting apologies for his eight million followers

Photo Credit: Instagram - @tyrese

Photo credit: Instagram – @tyrese

“Ladies……. My most sincere apology is coming in my next post……. Likely no one will see it but it’s coming anyway…….. I just got off with my mentor and she just came down on me in a major way, checked me caved my chest in with reality and made it plane [sic]….. Damn I’ve said some super stupid s—….. See my next post….. read my full message on my Facebook.com/Tyrese live love and embrace growth,” Tyrese captioned the photo.

Photo Credit: Instagram - @tyrese

Photo credit: Instagram – @tyrese

“My mother taught me better than this….. lesson learned in life you will learn that It’s not always ‘what’ you say, it’s the ‘how’ we choose to say it. For the record, I’m far from a misogynist, a male chauvinist or flat out mean….. My intentions were there but my delivery f—ing horrible…. And clearly all the way off…. And for that I sincerely apologize to all of the ladies… Even after this apology…. Some may likely decide to NOT forgive me…. Time and consistency heals all wounds…. Although I’ve been consistently for years speaking on these topics and some of the same words in my message, I have never experienced what I am experiencing right now — I’ve been getting dragged and feel the heat from my poor choice of words and approach to my messages, trust me….. Please accept this as my sincere apology for my poor choice of words,” read the caption in part.

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  • nosey rosy
    April 15, 2017

    he knew when he dumped his baby moma because he was abusive what his motive was it was not black women he had all these issues with he ranting about., , what happen is his classification of black women were really a new classification of white women too,THAT HE DIDNT REALIZE TIL HE MARRIED A WHITE WOMEN .,, AND SHE COLD STOPPED HIM ,, cause they are the ones he is addressing mostly cause white women, get more plastic surgery then any woman , and white women are the top of all women to do escort services ask any white man who frequent escort sex services … . instead of finding jobs they were getting top dollar and paying for plastic breast , butt etc ,, and black women caught on and started doing it with child support check money,, and all the botched but surgeries are black women mainly injecting caulking and poisons and dieing , those black women is proof, black women do this stuff but on a lower level , less pay, , cause other than celebrity women , and black men pimp mostly white women !!! .. these women he calling out wouldnt be doing this stuff if men white and black werent , buying them. and pimping them .. why dont tyrese address all the black men locked up for human trafficing? or is he to proud of his brothers? he know he will get shunning by his gay community , ,GAY MEN LOVE HIM .. HOW YOU DOIN? TYRESE . …
    … tyrese need to mind his business cause , some of these women pay bill and care for kids strippin on tables and boom room action , not like he aint been up in a strip clubb slobbing// or has he?. but people do a lot of filty jobs to take care of bills .. but i guarantee you, he thought about that ,, aint no teling l what his own wife had to do to make it .. she might be the one who hipped him to the facts of how she got paid, she didnt just appear out of no where and marry him , .. she got a business but how at her age did she get there with no degree? she is not like a harvard grad and she is real sexy not saying a sexy woman cant be smart cause iam sexy and smart as hell,, questions has been asked so how did she get him? the same way the basket ball wives got all them child support checks .. typrese was mad at his baby moma for getting acheck . man please, if this woman get pregnant you will see the same old bitter angry tyrese .. singing about love like he some good man in his songs and he also sing like he just love some black woman LOL wow just ANARCASSITSIC SOCIOPATHY WITH A PSCHOTIC UNDERTONE.

  • nosey rosy
    April 16, 2017

    SO WHAT CATAGORIE IS STRIPPERS IN , YOU HAVE TO BUY butt breat, tummy tucks lips , and teeth and hair , to be a top paid stripper ask chyna , and amber rose . who both had major work done . so what is he talking about??????? weave is the new uniform for all women no body got time to comb through all that mess daily , we wear wigs too , cause the kids have to be off to school breakfast for the family and we gotta work, no time for curling irons and greased main , leave that to the little girls hair , we do have to comb their heads daily , shut up tyrese

  • nosey rosy
    April 16, 2017

    notice tyrese new wife has hair like a mexican chick! who the hell is he fooling , he went after her type for a reason ,cause if you gonna call everybody else nappy headed while you sportin a ball head , well wonder what kind of weave and wigs his moma wearin laugh . .cause that sure aint her hair either

  • Chuck
    April 17, 2017

    Tyrese is a ghay man, who abused his ex and is scored. It’s obvious that he hates his mom and is “acting out.” I pray he seeks help. I give him marriage another year and he’ll either leave her, or she’ll leave.

  • ladyd
    April 18, 2017

    Tyrese can chuck it.

  • Grant
    June 2, 2017

    He doesn’t mean that apology stall all. He knew what the hell he was saying and he ment the way it was said. Also his new wife made him look like an ass, when she straight up said she’s not black and doesn’t identity as black. That fool should have known that before he introduced her as his black queen.
    So go back and suck up to yo chick.

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