The Musicianship changes lives through music

The MusicianShip is changing lives through music

The Musicianship changes lives through music

Photo Credit: Laura Metzler

The MusicianShip’s mission is to change lives by facilitating music lessons, experiences, and opportunities for people who need it most. The Musicianship reaches students throughout the Washington D.C. area through its after school and summer programs, and the Washington Youth Choir.

Recently, the MusicianShip launched an apparel Initiative which seeks to further engage music enthusiasts and change lives through the sale of their music-infused clothing items. The MusicianShip teamed up with creative conversation brand Intellectucool for the Model for Music event, which celebrated the convergence of music, fashion, conversation, and photography.

Rolling out had a candid conversation with the MusicianShip’s Executive Director Jefferey Tribble about what inspires him on a daily basis, how he determined his career path, and the future of the MusicianShip.

What inspires you to show up for work every day?
I’m inspired to show up to work each day for the sheer fact that, as a social entrepreneur, you meet two goals every day; 1) You’re waking up to further develop something that you, yourself, created, and 2) You wake up every day and help people. A third plus, in my case, is that I’m involved with music which is what I’m passionate about.

How did you determine your career path?
I think I’m really blessed to have found my passion fairly early on in life, which made my career path make sense. And although I danced around between radio, TV, film, and law, music was a constant. While in law school, I got this burgeoning desire to marry my passion with music and my interest in the law/social engineering. From there, the MusicianShip was born.

What industries connect to your career choice? 
So many! It’s interesting. Some people don’t consider social entrepreneurs to be entrepreneurs at all. It’s as though when you start a nonprofit, things like marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, and value propositions don’t exist. Starting a nonprofit organization is like starting any other company and requires you to touch many different industries concurrently.

Describe the future skill sets that you think will be essential to future business leaders and innovators.
Most people would say coding. I don’t disagree, but I think the same socio-emotional skills business leaders need today will be in demand 100 years from now – discipline, adaptability, empathy, responsibility, self-esteem, etc.

Names three books that changed your outlook on life and that you recommend to others.
The e-Myth by Michael E. Gerber – It taught me how to think of myself in relation to my company and how, at a point, you must work on your business, and not merely in your business.

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries – It taught me how perfection is the enemy of progress and that it’s better to roll out products/services in an interative, minimum viable product fashion.

The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman – This book is generally seen as one about romantic relationships, but it taught be about communication. How you communicate with people is not necessarily how they want to be communicated with or how they’ll communicate with you. We’re all very different.

How does music impact and influence you?
Music has obviously been a major catalyst in my life at different periods. From being a musician since three, to playing the drums in church at seven, to being a drum line section leader for nearly 10 years between middle school and college, to getting a music scholarship, to starting a music education nonprofit and beyond, not to mention many of my recreational music encounters through the likes of concerts. I’m really thankful that I’ve been able to build a life around music and help a lot of children in the process.

Describe your favorite vacation spot.
After music, my next passion is traveling, having visited 23 countries. I’ve been enough places to know that my favorite vacation spot keeps changing as I see more of the world and am able to compare and contrast what matters most to me. Right now, I’d have to say my favorite vacation spot is Cape Town, in South Africa. It has everything I want in a city; beautiful mountainous views, beaches, rich culture, and great food.

The Musicianship changes lives through music

Photo credit: Sabrina Vaz-Holder

The Musicianship changes lives through music

Photo credit: Sabrina Vaz-Holder

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