Aaron Hernandez (Image Source: Youtube screen shot)

Aaron Hernandez (Image Source: Youtube screenshot)

According to Daily Mail, investigators found three handwritten notes in Aaron Hernandez’s cell next to a Bible that was open to John 3:16, the same verse inscribed on his forehead with a marker. One for Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez, his fiancée; Avielle, his 4-year-old daughter and sources close to the investigation tell DailyMail.com that the third letter was written to the former football star’s unidentified gay prison lover, who is on suicide watch.

Shayanna and Aaron, who’ve known each other since elementary school, were engaged in October 2012, while she was pregnant, and she took his last name following his murder conviction three years later.

“Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Henry N. Nields performed an autopsy on Mr. Hernandez on Wednesday and concluded today that the manner of death was suicide and the cause asphyxia by hanging,” Massachusetts District Attorney Joseph D. Early, Jr., said in a statement on Thursday, April 20, 2017.

“An investigation into the death by the State Police Detectives assigned to the District Attorney’s Office and Department of Correction investigators found cardboard jammed into the door tracks of his single-inmate cell to impede entry into the cell.’
The report went on to state: “There were no signs of a struggle, and investigators determined that Mr. Hernandez was alone at the time of the hanging.

“Mr. Hernandez was locked in his cell about 8 p.m. and no one entered the cell until a correction officer observed him at 3:03 a.m. and forced his way through the impeded door to render aid.”

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  • Tina Olsen

    Honestly I believe he has been gay before even went into prison. Maybe the person he murdered was going to leak out that he was gay. I just don’t understand how men before going in to jail are straight and then come out gay. I just don’t get it! But he had so much and wasted his life.

    • Steven Nottingham

      You’re right, he did kill because of that. Now I think Bradley hilled the guys in the South End, and Hernandez killed Lloyd cause he knew.

    • Judith Lewis

      They r not straight nor r they all men. Men do not think that they r bisexual if they just let the man give them a blow job. U have a lot of men doing this.

  • Encourehonoree

    I do not buy the story about his gay lover, I think that story is false. We need to see receipts!

    • nosey rosy

      yes i had heard he was gay but , non of those prisoners are turned out in prison its before prison , its just harder in real life to , be caught you life is over , if women find out you seeing men too .. . plus being a foot ball star no one would of wanted him in the locker room , downlow is real yall

      • Mason Youngblood

        ..”had heard”…that’s a receipt?

    • Judith Lewis

      Well, there is another article out there that indicates the man he left money to before he went to prison; he had been dating him since high school. He also gave him more than he did his girlfriend and baby. I know she is embarrassed.

  • nosey rosy

    ok ok so he had a gay lover too ? wow this guy was real elusive and if his family dont believe he killed his self dont want believe he had a lover , this is just proof of how secret he was , he sat there a plotted his death , he must of vowed he was not gonna give up all that , so his daughter meant nothing his so called fiance might as well , bury that black dress , cause he didnt love you like you thought and she want even get much money for that child .. and if the 2 guys he killed were gay that sums up the hold case why he went after them.

  • hidaya

    An old song says: “Everybody plays the fool…”

    • Judith Lewis

      She might have known for they had been friends since high school. They might had an arrangement.

  • neec

    Am so tired of all the negative talk about Aaron Hernandez. I really dnt think he was gay, IF he was ok let the guy rest. I dnt agree with him taking his life. God dnt forgive you for such an act.

    • ReturnoftheBrotha .

      The man was a serial killer! There should be nothing but negative talk. At least he made OJ Simpson look like an angel.

      • andre wallace

        Oj didn’t kill it was a serial killer that got oj framed google it. He was hanging with ojays wife at the time.

        • ReturnoftheBrotha .

          That story did not hold water to me, BUT there were or murders of Mezza Luna employees in the same way Nicole got killed! That places was a drug dealing place and many employees dealt drugs while working there.