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A $6 haircut almost led to gun violence at a barbershop in Cleveland. According to News 5, the incident occurred on April 14 at The AllState Barber College in Cleveland.

The AllState Barber College is a school where aspiring hairstylists and barbers learn their craft while offering service at a relatively low price. But violence nearly erupted when one barber began cutting a 7-year-old boy’s hair.

At some point during the haircut, the young boy’s mother confronted the female barber. The boy’s mother complained that the barber was taking too long to cut the child’s hair. She then grabbed a Glock 9 mm handgun from her purse. Several other barbers were able to calm the woman down before she was able to commit an act of violence.

The incident was horrific for several reasons. The woman who pulled out the gun put everyone who was in the barbershop, including her 7-year-old son, in danger. In seconds, she could’ve made a regrettable mistake. She could also lose her son to child services for showing a lack of judgment that could have caused harm. The barber students who witnessed the incident were also shaken by the fact that someone would pull a gun over a haircut.

A surveillance camera captured the entire incident and police are currently searching for the mother who was involved. If she is caught, she will likely face several charges including aggravated menacing.

A.R. Shaw

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  • hidaya

    Another poor example of ________. U fill in the blank.

  • SpiceGirl

    smdh….guns don’t kill people…stupid people WITH guns kills people! I hope they find her and I also hope they take her child away from her. Um the last time I checked….the CCW didn’t say ANTHING about this on how and when to use your gun!

  • Mason Youngblood

    She already was getting a deal($6 haircut..who does that?) ..and still wasn’t satisfied. What kind of mother pulls a gun on people in front of her son? What kind of a role model is that? I can’t help but think that this boy will have rough days ahead if he is not taken away from this mad woman.

  • L.S.

    Ignorance at its best. I’d expect students to take a longer time. These are the type that make the rest of us look bad.

  • Pamela

    I have a gun and permit……..
    So I do believe in gun rights……

    But this woman need to go to jail and DO NOT PASS GO….She should not have a gun, so many things could have went wrong….$6.00 for a haircut and I hope the barber press charges and sue her, and I hope they take her son away,,,, this was just stupid……What are people thinking about when they do crazy things like this…….Lord help us all

  • nosey rosy

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