‘RHOA’s’ Phaedra Parks destroyed by Twitter after admitting she lied on Kandi

Photo: Twitter - @PhaedraParks
Phaedra Parks. Photo: Twitter – @PhaedraParks

Phaedra Parks, as most “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans had long suspected, was the conniving person all along who told that malicious lie to Porsha Williams that Kandi Burruss was a rapist – that Burruss wanted to drug Williams and then drag her limp body back to the “sex dungeon” and have her way with Williams.

But when the truth was actually revealed — when Williams revealed that she couldn’t speak on attempted rape accusations because Burruss had a judge ordered cease-and-desist mandate and then asked Parks to explain herself — the fallout was staggering and seismic. Parks, who boasts about being an entertainment attorney, seemed to admit to what amounts to breaking the law by accusing people of a very serious crime.

Furthermore, because Parks purposely assassinated another person’s character without proof, in other words deliberately making libelous statements, it remains to be seen if she will incur legal retribution from the courts or from the State Bar of Georgia.

Social media was merciless at leveling its wrath upon Parks. Take a look:

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Terry Shropshire

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  1. Kandi is not innocent. What goes around comes around. She, her mom & staff have been dragging Phaedra’s name and have been lying on her about what the “streets” have been saying. Kandi is a sneaky, hootrat, freak who is married to a man who is only there because of her money. She has never been able to keep a man, even the marry ones that she had. Her mom should be sued for slandering Phaedra’s name, and even going to her atty’s talking about her. If Phaedra was indeed fired, that’s the best thing that could have happened to her. She’s educated and will bounce back. Good luck, Atty Parks.

    1. Girl bye! Phony Phaedra got caught in the dirtiest deplorable lie. She’s a fraud and one sick individual. Educated in deceit and the only place her ass will bounce is into a jail cell next to her husband. Masking herself as a “Christian” while secretly being the devil! She needs to get herself restored!

      1. Yea you right Apollo tried to tell everyone how vindictive she is way before he went prison, she didn’t think that Porsha would say anything, at the same time Porsha is a 35 year old woman, how in the world could she believe that Kandi would say anything like that to Phaedra when they are not friends at all, well looks like Phaedra dug the hole for herself

  2. It seems that Andy and the RHO Brand think we are all stupid and will continue to support making us their pawns. This outing of the lies was clearly a setup to compromise one of the few educated, with a profession women in the Brand. Let’s see women from New York, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, etc., have been convicted of crimes, suffered from various disorders, lied, etc and they were not fired. While I believe the shows have no REAL social or moral value; it is entertainment theBlack women could make their coins and as such employ others from their communities as assistants, makeup artist, stylist, etc.
    While I don’t endorse an alternative fact to the truth, I believe Andy knew this before the airing and used Portia as a rating pawn. Allowing this to go on because of ratings is just as bad as saying it.

    1. Phaedra and I are in the same field of law. She is fully aware of the repercussions of committing slander on national television. In addition to it being a crime, it bespeaks so negatively on her professionally. Attorneys are not perfect but there are some mistakes they simply cannot make and Phakedra made more than a few. She better throw herself on the mercy of the GA State Bar if she wants to continue being known as Attorney Parks as opposed to Apollo’s Babies Mama.

    2. Production did know about it , they had actually filmed Phaedra telling Porsha, when Kandi found out she threatened to sue if they aired it, Kandi was on the Ryan Cameron show this past Monday morning and she stated it, Ryan also asked her about Phaedra being able to remain on the show, and she said that it wasn’t going to sit right with her if Phaedra remained on the show, and also she said she was waiting for her attorney’s phone call in regarding to a lawsuit against Phaedra, I can’t even believe that she went that far, well Kandi said last year that Phaedra work on her get back, I know that she truly regrets getting caught, this malicious lie has even affected her children, that’s income loss, and it probably will affect her as an attorney, not to mention her self respect, I think that Phaedra probably wishes she never even did this show, I mean her career was probably affected way before this lie came out, who wants an attorney that dances around in a full onecie with freak on her behind, and who hangs around with a girl who’s young enough to be her niece Phaedra’s behavior on that show was a hot mess

  3. are yall stupid, this woman been fooling yall for ever, she helped apollo pull off a major fraud and walked , because her law friend in atlanta didnt want her proseccuted , she had backing and so appollo decided to take the rapp rather than they both get jail , nice of him , but she and he had to pretend to be finished so she filed a divorce paper on him ,without spelling his name right ,, a lawyer would know exactly how to falseify a document , she then fake an pretend she was finished with him . while he had male lover in the pinn so he didnt need a female on the outside accept PHEDRA needed people to think she was done with him she is sneaky as she look ugly chick with a major thirst for money and fame she would lie since fame mean more to her than her dead beat husband

    1. You know Apollo just won a lawsuit against Phaedra, although they had the pre-nup, she had to pay him over 100,000 thousand, she even tried to be slick in regarding to the divorce, I feel like Phaedra puts on a big front but she’s salty about her marriage ending, you see how she out the blue after praying with Kenya went way back to her texting Apollo, and she blames Todd in some sort of way for her marriage ending, and just like she said Kandi is just collateral damage, since she’s married to Todd she’s fair game

  4. I absolutely agree! Kandi Burruss’ mother
    even went after her now husband Todd, with malicious lies and attacking her
    mother-in-law calling her an awful name which was a total lie and an assassination
    of her character. Why is it okay for Kandi’s mother to behave this way, with no
    real consequences? I think Kandi is such a hypocrite and a phony, she is not an
    honest person. A little history lesson, check out her life over the time she
    was in the R&B group Escape. She was worse then any housewife is being now.
    Her band mate even went so far as to call her out on a national radio station

    1. That was years ago, and back then she wasn’t the only young girl in an all girls group to make poor decisions, but look at what all she’s accomplished, she was a teen, look you can’t just lie on national TV and accuse someone of rape, and drugging someone, and Phaedra has been loosed herself even before she married Apollo, and he even said that when he got out of prison he was staying in the projects with his mama and Phaedra would come and spend the night with him and they both slept on the living room floor

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