Auction of Nation of Islam and Elijah Muhammad items should cause concern

Elijah Muhammad ring for auction (Photo Credit: Heritage Auction website bid page)
Elijah Muhammad’s ring for auction (Photo Credit: Heritage Auction website bid page)

Black historical items related to the founding of the Nation of Islam and the Hon. Elijah Muhammad have become the sources of a dispute. A planned auction in Dallas, Texas that entails items from the founding days of the Nation of Islam has been pulled. The items were estimated to possibly fetch as much as $500K to the prospective sellers. The items for auction were from the estate of Burnsteen Sharrieff Muhammad, who served as secretary to Nation of Islam founder W.D. Fard.

Among the items are meeting notes, correspondence from followers, letters, lesson plans and speech notes. The auction was scheduled for May 13, 2017, by Heritage Auctions and included Elijah Muhammad‘s personal items, such as his well-known kofia that was expected to auction at close to $20K. Because of an ownership dispute, over 29 boxes of meeting notes, lesson plans, and letters were removed from the sale on Wednesday. Heritage announced the larger planned auction was withdrawn “pending a satisfactory resolution” of the issue. However, items belonging to Muhammad will still be auctioned this Saturday.

Elijah Muhammad kofia (Photo Credit: Heritage Auction website bid page)
Elijah Muhammad’s kofia (Photo Credit: Heritage Auction website bid page)

The opening bid for Muhammad’s diamond-encrusted, 14-karat gold ring is $1K. The black velvet, jeweled kofia, embroidered with the words “Elijah Muhammad, Our King, Messenger of Allah,” will open with bidding at $10K. It is possible to bid on these items by going to the Heritage Auction websites and submitting a bid. It would be unfortunate for these historic items to fall into the hands of those who would not appreciate the legacy of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad. According to historical records, the Nation of Islam was founded in Detroit Michigan in 1930. In 1934, Muhammad took over leadership of the group from its founder Wallace D. Fard. Since its inception, the Nation of Islam has been an integral part of the Black American experience.


Mo Barnes
Mo Barnes

"Mo Betta" Maurice "Mo" Barnes is a graduate of Morehouse College and Political Scientist based in Atlanta. Mo is also a Blues musician.

  1. Mr. Barnes, how long have you been a Negro Nazi? Why do you think it’s cool to identify with the black racists who killed Malcolm X? This is a dying movement. You are NOT a Muslim. You are not even a pretend Muslim Negro Nazi. Why do you insist that hugging Negro Nazis is a cool thing? They killed people back in the day and inspire hate and murder today. Elijah raped young black girls for sport and had ten children out of wedlock. If it was 1965 and you had a daughter, would you send her to work as a secretary for the Nasty Pervert Elijah Poole?

    1. Where is your proof for all of the things you state? And why is it your business who he chooses to sympathize with? Very perplexing….

      1. proof? Brother Malcolm left a book and called out his killers. Elijah’s ten children out of wedlock are court recorded because they sued for a share of estate after he died. Hmmm….I am confused. This not about proof, but simple knowledge of open public fact. You don’t know that Elijah raped his secretaries and had ten children out of wedlock? Is that what a “holy” man does? This is a public forum. If the brother can coddle Negro Nazis and try to normalize it, I can certainly ask him why.

        1. I know they LIED and said that he “raped” several secretaries. First these were women he allegedly had “affairs” with (which was an ugly enough accusation) but the rape spin came late in the game. Not to mention these “several” secretaries never materialized. I know that he DID have additional wives and children (which is very public knowledge and not something unlawful in Islam). I also know that Malcolm knew very well that the Nation of Islam was not capable of carrying out the mischief that plagued him leading up to his death and he said as much himself. I also know that his killers claimed no actual affiliation with the Nation of Islam. Even Thomas Hagan was never registered with any mosque and everyone else they claimed killed him either didn’t know him, weren’t party to any plotting or were anywhere near the scene of the crime. You definitely got the alternative facts on the story. You’re free to question the brother, I just think it’s insane to do so when you cannot bring any actual facts as to why he shouldn’t hold the position that he does. You’re dealing with emotions and 50 year old lies. I would sort through that first before anything else if I were you.

          1. People who know and study Islam and do not blindly follow Negro Nazis, know that Muslims are bound by our religion to follow the laws in the places we live. If those laws prohibit us from the proper practice of our religion, the Quran orders us to move to a better place. Elijah only had one wife his whole life. People sent their daughters to work for him because they trusted him. He raped those young girls. Sex between an old wrinkled man and teenage girls where the young girls work in a subordinate position in today’s language clearly shows they were powerless and forced to have sex with someone they did not find attractive. I ask over and over. You would send your daughter to work for that rapist if today it was 1963, knowing what we all know now? He had TEN children out of wedlock. ALL ten are out-of-wedlock births that happened while Elijah was married to Clara. I think, some of us call that adultery?

            Malcolm’s killers were NOI. You should be ashamed sitting there defending the ignorant black people who killed Brother Malcolm. Farrakhan (aka Minister Negro Hitler) was one of the main plotters.

          2. There is definitely no proof that he raped anyone, let alone underaged girls. I don’t even know that there was a legal investigation and something like that would be a SERIOUS smoking gun. I do find it funny though how you talk about true study of Islam when we know–from the history of the establishment of Islam as an organized religion–that Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) wife Aisha was about 17 years old when the union was consummated while he was in his 50s. I don’t see this disrespect being levied at him. You would be a FOOL to do it, nonetheless, you don’t have any of this venom for him. You MUST know that that’s hypocrisy. Now you can argue whether or not it was legal for the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad to have multiple wives according to American law, but the fact is that he had them and he did not violate the laws of Islam in any way, shape or form. Certainly none of us in this society are qualified to judge him when America is rife with such hypocrisy that adultery and fornication with as many bodies as you can rack up are permitted all day long and even celebrated but a man cannot have multiple wives….unless you’re one of those white folks in Utah. Morality and legality is not always the same thing. You should know this. If you don’t given your advanced age living in America, I’m not sure that you can be helped.

            You can keep on talking mess about Malcolm’s killers being in the Nation, just know that you are complicit in slander…and sit in that (since it seems like you’re okay with it anyway). So while you want to make your own interpretation of what the Qur’an says, what the Qur’an says regarding the bearing and spreading slander is CLEAR. You don’t have any proof that the Minister plotted against Bro. Malcolm. Malcolm didn’t name him, nobody that got hemmed up for the murder named him, nobody can prove that he was involved even in a cursory way. So who are you getting your information from? As for me being ashamed of defending men whose characters have been unjustly slandered for the last 50 years without any kind of evidence pointing to their guilt, I feel no shame whatsoever. I mean I’m totally unbothered. Yeah….I definitely sleep with the fan on medium.

          3. you keep not answering me….you would send your daughter to work for that Pervert? You are not a Muslim. Elijah was NOT a Muslim. I don’t talk about my faith with Negro Nazis in a detailed way. Malcolm LEFT the Nation because he knew about these young women Elijah took advantage of. Why is okay for Elijah to rape black girls? That was the 60s and that is the only reason he got away with it. Any American man who does today what that nasty old man did back then will be arrested. Can you tell me when he married these women with proof? Where are the pictures or legal documents that show you are not merely lying for your cult leader? Without proof of marriage in America, there is no marriage. This man Elijah was a fornicator, an adulterer and a rapist who preyed on young black girls put in his office by trusting parents. And you will die defending his nasty behavior. You can’t even talk to me about Islam because it is not a Muslim who defends Elijah’s sexual assaulting these young women. It is the sickness of being in a cult….Elijah’s rapes are cool because he’s black. It’s a cult and a dying one. You need to smell the coffee. There are Muslim criminals, but Muslims are commanded to stand against evil regardless of the criminal’s religion. Elijah was NOT even a Muslim. Farrakhan, aka Minister Negro Hitler is NOT a Muslim and anyone who follows this lying murderer is not a Muslim either. Fact is not slander.

          4. Would I send my daughter to work for him or the Minister? ABSOLUTELY! I can’t think of a better environment where she can make something of herself and have her virtue protected and secured at the same time. And I’m totally unbothered by what you think about it because I know the character of these men to be above reproach. And I know, I KNOW you didn’t just try to use the fact that it was the 60s as an excuse for why he wasn’t prosecuted. What does it being the 60s have to do with ANYTHING? Rape is rape no matter what decade it takes place in and the 60s were a turbulent time for black organizations and their leadership. Anyone just a LITTLE bit knowledgeable of history knows the state and the feds would have LOVED for some information like that to fall into their laps, especially if they could use it to take this man down. But there stands no record that they even looked into it! Why? They knew the allegations were baseless. The only one who doesn’t seem to know is a simple minded character like yourself who believes accusations strictly on someone’s WORD. That makes you the worst kind of person because miserable characters such as yourself love to hear dirt and spread it and destroy people’s lives in the process. As far as the proof of his additional wives, I already conceded that it was no way possible for him to acquire multiple marriage licenses for multiple wives. He married them within the confines of Islamic law which permits a man to have multiple wives. The MOST you can say is that the other wives weren’t legally protected but it is not your place or mine to say that they weren’t his wives. Now a Muslim is bound to respect the laws of the land, but a Muslim is NOT to hinder anyone from practicing their faith and a Muslim is NOT to lay down for anyone telling him how he can practice his. I don’t know what your religion and so I don’t care about you talking to me about it in detail because I know it’s definitely not Islam. No Muslim actually believes that mankind’s law supersedes the law of God–“law of the land” or not. At one point, it was also against the law of the land to educate our own children but the Nation of Islam fought against that and laid the groundwork for independent black education. So PLEASE don’t get it twisted, a Muslim fights against injustice, regardless of legality. And I can think of few things more unjust than talking trash about obeying laws set up by a bunch of hypocrites–the REAL nasty men and perverts–when they have literally a whole economy and institutions thriving off of adultery and fornication. These offenses are punished harshly in Islam using methods up to and including death but under American law–the same law you said he should have obeyed–there exists NO CHECK for people who engage in this lifestyle. Men brag about having side chicks. Women brag about being side chicks. And everybody is so proud of the fact that “they get around.” Right now a man who has a wife–with all the paperwork and everything in order–is knee deep in some snatch that ain’t the snatch he married. You probably know somebody that’s living like that right now, if it’s not you yourself. But a man cannot take on multiple wives (with fully grown CONSENTING women) and act towards them with all of the duties and responsibilities that a husband is supposed to demonstrate towards his wives. Now all of a sudden, you care about “paperwork.” That’s hypocrisy. No two ways about it. And I would never disrespect these sisters by telling them that their marriage which was sanctioned under the law of Islam ain’t real because a bunch of freaks who play around with multiple women and even men wouldn’t allow them to have the paperwork to protect themselves. Nevermind the fact that there were witnesses–as is necessary in Islam–that can attest that these were in fact his wives (Malcolm could attest to it too but we’ll get into that later). If you were any type of Muslim, you wouldn’t disrespect them like that either. Did I mention that they were FULLY GROWN CONSENTING WOMEN? Mother Tynnetta Muhammad was the youngest of his wives and even she was 20 years old. The rest of them were even older. That’s grown enough to make a grown decision. As for these other girls (whom no one seems to even know who they are let alone if they were really underaged or simply 18 or 19 years old, which is legal age in EVERY state), I don’t deal in he-say, she-say and I don’t believe in ghosts, which is apparently what they are. But at the end of the day, if the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad was a pimp and exploiter of women, trust me, they wouldn’t have cared at all. It was the dignity that he restored to women and instilled in young girls that made him a problem. And the gag about Malcolm is, he knew about these other wives LONG before he actually went public with it and taught the other ministers on it. He knew where exactly to go in the Qur’an to find where it was lawful. If he was really repulsed by it, he’d have fallen away long before he did. Surely being such a saintly figure–as you all venerate him as such–wouldn’t have sat on something so horrible if it was really horrible. Even when he went public he knew better than to say that the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad was raping these women. He had an excellent command of language and knew what to say to get people to make the assumption without telling lies outright and that’s why he used buzz phrases like the women “had been intimate” with him or he “fathered children with several secretaries.” That rape mess was something y’all added later. Had he attempted to go there himself, his whole act would have fallen apart instantly. Again, they’d have investigated that one and he’d have looked like a damn fool PUBLICLY. But it was never about bringing his teacher to trial in criminal court, it was about trying him in the court of public opinion which is where slander and lies take on a life of their own and can literally live forever. That you are still parroting this nonsense 50 years later is proof positive. His intention was unmistakable and that intention was to do his teacher harm because he was eyeball deep in his feelings over something that–get this–had NOTHING to do with his teacher’s domestic life. Malcolm fell out of the Nation because the internal conflicts that he’d been involved in had gotten too heated for his liking and he was angry with his teacher for a perceived failure to have his back against the ones he was having a problem with. When he sat him down for disobeying instructions–and his disobedience put a lot of people in danger mind you–that was the final straw for him. Yes, his ego also had quite a bit to do with it. I hate to break it to you. I will not even address the falsehood you keep on presenting about the Minister because you will never skate by with hypocrisy with me. You just asked me to produce the whole dossier of evidence to prove that the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s additional wives were indeed his wives but you haven’t produced a single SHRED of evidence showing that the Minister was in any, way, shape or form involved in any plotting to kill Malcolm. And you can be out of here with that trash about the Nation being a “dying cult.” We’ve been here for 87 years. We were here before you, we’ll be here after you. Our numbers are steadily growing (please don’t try to argue this with me, I have the numbers, you do not). It may be that you WISH we were dying off but I assure you that you’ll check out of here and we still will have gone nowhere. I pray Allah heals you of the sickness that makes you want so much ill for us (that will never come to pass BTW) when all we want to do is help and heal your silly self.

            P.S. Being that you think that mankind’s law supersedes Allah’s law, I need you to understand that I am totally unconcerned with what a sanctimonious, nasty spirited hypocrite like you thinks of my standing as a Muslim. You are not a Muslim yourself, you are a polytheist. Your devotion and your practice is limited to what the enemies of God permit you to do. You are spineless in addition to being a liar and a slanderer and these are not the traits of a Muslim. And trying to measure my Islam is not going to change these sad facts about yourself. I know who I am, I know Who’s I am. You can’t judge me, you can’t do nothing with me. The only thing you can do is look stupid ranting on the Internet and get yourself in trouble with Allah trying to place yourself in His seat by judging the walk of another human being.

        2. By the way, the fact that you say “this is not about proof” is very disturbing. It implies careless disregard for the truth. Truth can be a very hard pill to swallow but it takes a certain kind of evil to not be concerned about it AT ALL.

    2. Greg Abdul, you mustbbe a government agent. You are definitely not a muslim yourself. Lying and slandering the name of the most honorable man that has lived among us. You and self-hating people like you who wear muslim names would not know anything about Allah, Islam, muslim, Holy Quran if it was not for The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. People like never have any hatred aimed at our 462 year old enemy. The FBI and Coin-Intelpro killed Malcom X and all the other Black Leaders and black organizations. Why do we live the Devil?

      1. (smile) I am not a government agent. I think you are a Negro Nazi? Admit it now….you don’t spend time learning anything about Islam. You guys sit at the temple and talk about evil whites and evil Jews. I know. I have seen you do it with my own eyes. I asked some questions in my comments for honest decent people (you would send your daughter to pervert Elijah?)….feel free to grab your manhood, step up and answer anytime you wish.

  2. Too bad these items have to be sold at a auction. Especially since they have so much great historical significance and value. What the Hon. Elijah Muhammad was able to do for black people during the 60’s with the creation of the Nation of Islam is unprecedented. He was able to provide so much value, honor and love. To a mentally and physically abused people living under systematic white supremacy!!

    Whether you agree or disagree with him or Malcolm X’s teachings. One certainly cannot debate their tireless effort to see blacks in America free of racism and white supremacy.

  3. Greg Abdul is a ignorant person that uses conjecture as his basis for belief. As Brother Salomae put it “where is your proof”. People like Greg base their knowledge on a damn movie not actual facts. Arguing with this fool is pointless. Allah says in the Holy Quran Surah 35 v19 “And the blind and the seeing are not alike”. Allah made this fool blind and from what I see Allah plans to keep him blind.

  4. Elijah had TEN children out of wedlock. TEN children by women he was not married to while he was married to Sister Clara. He raped young black girls for sport while his lieutenants covered it up. Farrakhan, aka Minister Negro Hitler, killed Malcolm X. These are simple facts that most reasonable people know. The NOI exploits black people and they are running out of fools, Most of all, they are NOT Muslims. Fake-Muslim Negro Nazis…using any black person weak enough in the head to think racism is the solution to racism is all there is to them and nothing more.

  5. Greg Abdul is a government paid agent. He follows every website that prints anything about the Nation of Islam and writes slander. He should not be taken serious. Its a total waste of time to reply to anything he says. He’s a devil for sure. I doubt he’s Black. He’s likely some racist white obese white man sitting in some NSA office 8hrs a day living his pathetic existence as an internet troll. Please don’t let Greg Abdul and his other aliases upset you. That’s simply what he’s getting paid to do. Keep in mind His slander works for good because it makes people research and learn more about the truths of the Nation of Islam it’s wonderful leader the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his top student that the Honorable Minister Farrakhan. So thank you you Satanic Demon Greg Abdul for inspiring people to research and learn the true history of this evil government and the absolute brilliance of the Nation of Islam=)

    1. you are welcome. I am all for people learning the truth about the Nation of Islam (aka Negro Nazis). My avatar explains my intent. Goons from this Negro Nazi group killed Malcolm X. Minister Negro Hitler, aka Farrakhan, was one of the main plotters. Elijah raped young black girls the way some people collect stamps. So I am really really for the truth. The biggest truth I am for is calling out fake Muslim Negro Nazis. Negro Nazis are NOT Muslims and I will not sit still while you insult my faith with your Negro Nazi lies. The fact that you imitate Brother Malcolm killers says it all. The TRUTH will follow you, to whatever corner or hidden place your lies try to sneak and hide. Weak minds take racism as a solution. You have no talent, so you convince yourself that your skin gives you superiority. I am the one who will show up and call your lies out. Get used to me, as God gives me breath, you hateful people will not get a free pass to lie on my faith. Weak-minded and imitating white hate… NOT me.

      1. First I believe this person Greg Abdul may just be a plant an agitator. I do NOT believe he is a Black Man. So what would he beLIEve other than the lies of what an enemy of the Nation of Islam would report. What Black Man in this day and age call our people Negroes? What Black Man would make the comparison of the NO I with Nazis? This individual is just stiring up trouble. Aisha was actually 14 years old. There is NO record of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad raping young girls. He did have more than one wife, however since it is NOT recognized by a people who were an enemy to Us it was labeled adultery. It was fine when White Mormons did it, but for Black Muslims it was a no no. I know I am late with my post, however I do not believe none of these treasures of the history of the Nation of Islam should have been sold.

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