Carmen Bryan suggests child’s father Nas doesn’t prefer dating women

Photo credit: @carmenbryan/Instagram

Carmen Bryan, who shares a daughter, Destiny Jones, 20, with rapper Nas, weighs in on a possible love connection between her ex and Nicki Minaj.

In case you missed it, a photo of Minaj and Nas popped up on Instagram this week, giving fans on social media plenty of reason to believe they’d entered a budding romance. The photo in question, posted to Minaj’s account, was taken at Sweet Chick (co-owned by Nas) in New York City.

The dynamic duo, who appeared together in “Right By My Side” back in 2012, were apparently out for dinner with Statik Selektah, who tagged Sweetgrass Productions in a separate photo of his own, from the same night. Meanwhile, rumors of a love connection between Minaj and Nas started making the usual gossip rounds earlier this year. At one point, a hopeful hashtag was born.

Needless to say, one photo was all it took to send fans — Bryan included — into a frenzy.

Dinner with Nas & Nicki. 🏦

A post shared by Statik Selektah (@statikselekt) on

When asked by a fan her thoughts on the father of her child hooking up with Minaj, Bryan said, “I’m relieved I didn’t think my baby father still dated women” via Instagram.

When one fan chimed in to defend Nas following the shady comment, Bryan fired back writing, “Like what? I’m use to Nas dating 19-year-old’s. I’m actually glad to see him dating a woman.”


All-in-all, according to Bryan, when it comes to matters surrounding her ex, she could care less. “You must not have heard about me,” she responded to a second user, who defended her claims. “I appreciate the support but trust… idgaf about none of this.”

Nas has not commented on Bryan’s claim.

What are your thoughts on Bryan’s shady “idgaf” comment? Sound off in the comment section below.

R. Hawkins
R. Hawkins

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  1. She needs to be careful how she words things. She (and the headline)
    almost made it seem as if Nas is gay. I mean is that what your trying to
    insinuate? “Nas doesn’t date women”?? Anyone with common sense is gonna
    think she’s saying he only has sexual relationships with women but
    prefers to date men. And I’m sure even as she said it she knew it would
    come off like that but didn’t give a f*ck. These bitter b*tches are
    always trying to destroy a mans image and reputation the same man that
    took you from nothing to something. So what if he likes younger women?
    As long as they’re over the legal age limit, (which technically makes
    them a women) it doesn’t matter. Nas is a legend, his
    preference/personal life should be none of the public’s business. Speak
    of his MUSIC, which is the reason we even know who he his.

    1. Correction: Rolling Out needs to be careful how it writes it’s headlines. Carmen’s comment in no suggests Nas being gay. None. Rolling Out always want to get clicks and readers which equal dollar$.

  2. Leave it to Rolling Out to twist Carmen’s statement. If you can read AND comprehend at the same time, it’s clear Carmen compared a 19 year old “girl” vs being a older, grown woman. She’s comparing Nas dating a 19 year old girl versus choosing a (for example) 30 yr + age woman!

    Rolling Out does messy journalism! Sad!

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