Steve Harvey’s ex-wife sues comedian for damaging her soul

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More than 10 years after comedian Steve Harvey divorced his second wife, Mary Vaughn, he is now being sued by her for mental anguish. The unusual lawsuit demands $60M from Harvey due to emotional and physical trauma after “losing her son, businesses and the joy of having a Mother’s Day.”

Among the allegations leveled by Vaughn are child endangerment, torture, conspiracy against rights, kidnapping, murder, breach of contract and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The lawsuit was filed not by a lawyer but by a civil rights activist on behalf of Vaughn. The divorce of the pair was finalized 12 years ago and Vaughn received three homes in a property settlement and also $40K each month through March 2009, as well as an additional $1.5M. The divorce was bitter with accusations that Harvey carried on an extramarital affair with his current wife Marjorie Harvey while married to Vaughn.

In 2013, Vaughn claimed that Harvey beat their son with a belt and a wooden fraternity paddle that caused bruising and left the child with problems urinating for several days. Police took pictures of the child’s injuries and the case was referred to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. The case was investigated and closed with no charges filed against Harvey or a change in custody.

That same year, Vaughn was charged with contempt of court and served jail time for allegedly violating a court order directing her to not speak publicly about the divorce proceedings that the former couple had been going through.  Earlier this year, Vaughn repeated her accusations against Harvey who has reportedly denied the allegations.

Harvey and Vaughn were married for 16 years during the height of his career until their divorce in 2005 and have been involved in various civil proceedings regarding the custody of their son ever since. Harvey married his current wife Marjorie in June 2007. There has been no response from representatives of Harvey regarding the new lawsuit.

Mo Barnes
Mo Barnes

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  1. sorry steve your karma has come !! you said you was winning , you spit on mary grave and she wasnt even in it . . steve next time your wife becomes your ex ., be careful trying to distance your self because truely thatis not protocal for a amicable separation , based on irreconsilable difference . and what MAYBERRY ASS lawyer , chumped up all this mess against mary .TEXAS / word has it he had paid a texas , slim ball attorney to range papers and take mary son and house and all the cars .since he was bread winner this should not have happen . .mary should have been offered half , just like everybody else . . this tired old big lip fool decided he was gonna marry his trap queen ass margie and take all the income home to margie .. he working like a dog right now tryiing to hold on to marge which means its time for mary to get hers , , perfect timing .. she came out when he already being beat down my media and social media . . .he is a loser and i dont know how he got white folks to like him , but once they listen to mary again they will all hate him .. women dont like to see other women done wrong by a man . . steve cant sit up on that talk show and play this down . he is in big trouble . if mary can come with evidence inwhch we all saw that lawyer and a judge hand donw a unfair setttlement to mary .. where in the usa can you cheat and still give your spouse nothing in divorce . alimony was for sure what mary should of had at the least .. she was almost homeless and devastated . she had bee living a nice life and all was pulled from under her . so she need to pay him back .

      1. this is a criminal matter , anytime you emotional abuse a child or adult that is illegal , he just got away with it due to his money .. if you or your children were treated that way and money was set to be obtained from the assailant you would be rallying for you fam , no matter .. this ain no move on matter , steve harvey should of been bought to justice for this , this is why donald trump even , want hire him for nothing .. . they set his ass up on that pageant error , you dont think he really just read the wrong card? when it your time to pay for your bad choice you will pay . and his time is here . so pay up steve .

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