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  • Karl
    June 18, 2017

    They can love Bill all they want to, but with 60+ women accusing him of rape/worse charges, it’s not a wise idea to enable rapers to go free.
    How many more women have to endure painful suffering at the hands of freed criminals?
    Maybe he is innocent of all 60+ charges?

    Something smells ridiculously fishy!

    Don’t even get me started how the media only covers 60+ as only allegations, while they tried to paint a couple of made up allegations against Trump as hard facts, despite later testimony they only did it for the $$$ (lied about it).

    Justice in America is a joke. Celebs/rich people pay their way to freedom, & this is proof!

    • lewisjm
      June 27, 2017

      Huumm, a little angry? Those b%€+/×÷ knew exactly what they were doing including this little whatever. I’m not surprised at your so called indignation, have at it we know a set up when we see one. Lol

  • Jamboning
    June 19, 2017

    I have a relative working in the DA’s office that was prosecuting him. Word is is that they just came up with some new evidence that Cosby’s wife was the one that was supplying the drugs that he was using to dope these women and that he was doing so with her blessing. The DA is going to charge her as an accessory if they get a conviction on the retrial.

    • lewisjm
      June 27, 2017

      Troll troll troll. Like you sorry folks always tell Black folk: just let it go and going after the wife, I don’t think so. Lol!

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