Cosby supporters blast Black celebs who did not support him during trial

The chaotic scene around the Montgomery County Courtroom in Norristown, Pennsylvania, appeared to be the biggest event in the small town nearly 20 miles outside of Philadelphia.

However, fans of Cosby showed up to the court in droves to protest the charges. But Mustafa Majeed of Philadelphia took exception to the Black entertainers who did not support him during the trial.

“Where are all of the Black celebrity friends that he has helped?” Majeed asked. “Where is  Sidney Poitier, Harry Belafonte? They made movies with him. Or Spike Lee? Lee borrowed money from Cosby [to make Malcolm X] but he’s not here. Dick Gregory. All of the comedians. We’re not asking them to say anything, but they should be here; the Black community should be here.”

Majeed also blasted the judge for trying to force the jury to reach a verdict.

“Why is the judge working with the D.A., that’s not justice,” Majeed said. “This trial should have been over. It was a hung jury a long time ago. Having the jury deliberate for 50 hours is ridiculous. I have been here every day for the past week from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.”

Bill Cosby, the beloved Philadelphian, was facing a 10-year prison sentence if convicted of a sexual assault that allegedly occurred in 2004. The case followed allegations by a multitude of women from across the country who claimed that Cosby drugged them during a sexual encounter.

But the alleged incident involving Andrea Constand served as the case that Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele used to seek a conviction against Cosby.

Steele appeared to be hellbent on trying the case as it served as a key point during his political campaign. And although the trial ended in a hung jury, Steele claimed that he would try the case again in four months.

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A.R. Shaw
A.R. Shaw

A.R. Shaw is an author and journalist who documents culture, politics, and entertainment. He has covered The Obama White House, the summer Olympics in London, and currently serves as Lifestyle Editor for Rolling Out magazine. Follow his journey on Twitter @arshaw and Instagram @arshaw23.

  1. No, the black community should not be there to automatically protect a man being accused by 60+ women for rape/worse crimes.

    They should be there to demand justice is done, not putting them free just because they are a celeb.

    Money/celebs pay off freedom, & this is proof.
    No justice in America!

    1. If a man is “accused” of something…then he should have the support of the community…if he is found guilty…then you can choose to abandon him. We dont make emotional decisions around here.

  2. They should be ashamed for not supporting a icon. A icon who certsinly paved the way for them.Especially against these made up racist allegations.

    Black celebs do not have to worry about being targeted because of their support. Because the fact you are black already, makes you target #1 to white supremacy.

    1. Who said all 60+ are only made up allegations?
      Do you honestly believe that?

      We don’t need rape enablers.
      Victims need justice!

      You do the crime, you do the time!

      1. All 60 are lies. The numbers were created for sensationalism and a few people bought it, hook, line and sinker. The numbers have absolutely zero bearing on the truth or facts.

        One thing the white supremacist media knows. Is that they can always use the, “I am white and I say so” rule. That in essence convicts Black people without any due process or facts/truth being known.

        Take Oj for example. If the white supremacist media says you are guilty, then you are guilty. Never mind the fact he had zero motive or time. Ignore the fact two other people, including Ron Goldman’s manager was killed in the exact same manner. Simply ignore a white supremacist like Mark Furham framed other suspects and was first on the scene. Who didnt find a glove or Oj’s blood. Dismiss detective Vanander walking around with Ojs blood against protocol. Finally, act in shock and dismiss Ojs blood being found after he gave a sample, and the blood found containing a lab perservative.

        Again within a white supremacist system your are Black(guilty) until being proven otherwise.

        1. If Cosby is innocent till proven guilty of all 60+ accusations, Trump is definitely innocent of all 2 allegations where one of them even admitted she only did it for the $$$.

          You still chewing the Counterfeit News Network fake news reports & steaming over nothing.

          Calm down, there, bro!

          1. Yes, even though Trump admitted to and even joked about sexually assaulting a woman. He would never do it right? I mean, what are the odds of someone admitting that and then having actual cases accusing him of that. It doesn’t matter, because he is white and will always be protected by a white supremacist system.

          2. Fact is, there are no people you can say he grabbed.
            If there were, you best believe MSM media would jump all over it.

            Meanwhile, Bill Clinton raping Juanita Broaddrick, or grabbing the p**** of Monica Lewinsky while he cheated on Hillary aren’t even worthy of the news, are they?

            And, let’s forget about #PizzaGate Obama’s fetishes…

          3. @Karl I think you have me confused with someone who buys into Democrat or Republican, left or right, Conservative or Liberal. I could give two s**ts about Trump, The Clinton’s or Obama. Those political parties all house known white supremacist and race traders.

            All I care about is replacing a system of white supremacy, with one of justice!

          4. The system definitely is unjust, but to say there is only racism on 1 side is a lie.

            Obama funded BLM black supremacist radical terrorists.

            It needs fixing, true, but there is racism on both sides.

          5. @Lee No non black person in America believes in some delusion such as Blacks being able to systematically oppress anyone. Let alone white people. It’s a coping mechanism used by whites in my opinion. To downplay the atrocities created by systemstic racism/ white supremacy that blacks have to endure.

            It’s always easier to point the finger elsewhere. Instead of admitting and addressing the issue.

          6. There is oppression on both sides.

            $$$ pays them off.

            The trouble is $$$ is the law, instead of morality.

            Don’t need to play the MSM blame game.

            You are doing exactly what they want.

            I have white, black, spanish, asian who are my brothers.

            No MSM media gonna divide us with the hate.

            So, why you letting them do that to you?

            When you gonna recognize the problem is the media?

          7. @Lee Well Sir, who runs the media?

            You are trying to run around systematic white supremacy.

            Is the media, banks, entertainment and top government agencies and positions run and controlled by Asians, Native Americans, East Indians, Hispanics or Blacks??

            I think we both know the answer to that one.

          8. Bible says the devil is the God of this world.

            Look at all the pedophile busts lately.

            You never wonder why some people have lives of ease, raking in millions for doing practically nothing while others have to work, work, work & scrape to make ends meet?

            Katy Perry admitted on Youtube she wanted to be like the Amy Grant of music, but then said she couldn’t, so she sold her soul to the devil. And she follows the illuminati.

            Guess which other mega stars do the same?


            Do you really believe they make it up there by random chance?

            Do you ever wonder why they are so afraid of #PizzaGate & how many are involved the reason they were so quick to jump on it, call it “fake news” even while James Alefantis had a kids arm strapped to a table in bondage during his interview with Megyn Kelly?

            Wake up, bro!

            End is near!

            This is why MSM is fighting for all they are worth, because Jesus is soon returning, & the god of this world (satan) realizing his power is almost up, is fighting to keep the beast system going.

            Look up to Jesus, bro.

            This world is sinful, evil, & corrupt!

          9. @Lee I am in agreement with everything you say. But the issue is not limited to one news media company.

            Also, no disrespect to your religious beliefs. But blacks have waited on Jesus for 500+ yrs and have been ignored. So its safe to assume that we are on our own my friend.

          10. Jesus foretold that people would scoff at the mention of his return in the last days.

            However, of interest to me, are the prophecies about Israel becoming a nation in the last days, & the fact they are undefeatable (God is fighting for them) despite the fact they are a tiny nation surrounded by 600x larger enemy arab nations who even tried to attack with multiple nations at once.

            Still undefeated.

            We are in the last days, bro.
            Read the Bible.

            The y2k scare was only because they believed computers having a 2 date system will revert to the 1900’s once it hit the year 2,000 (y2k bug) but much of that was averted via fixes/patches/etc….

            People who tried to date set y2k because of that, instead of following the Biblical timeline caused problems.

            If you are right, nothing will change.
            Things will stay the same.

            If I am right, you haven’t seen anything to compare to what evils are about to be unleashed on the world.

            Thus, when you see these things coming, you will remember my words.

            When this happens, turn to God & repent, that you may be counted worthy to escape the things of the world & have eternal life with Jesus.

          11. You may be “ignorant” enough to view themselves the same but they do not. ..
            You are using apex theory.
            Since the most powerful people historically have been white,, you ascribe the power they possessed to even the most impoverished and resourceless white people. How about I say..well Obama was president…so therfore YOU have the same powers he has….

          12. Because you whites are not that naive to think that is true. That is why you fight so hard to maintain white supremacy just as your parents and grandparents did before you.

            White supremacy dominates all facets of society. If it does not, please name one that it doesn’t?

          13. In my (personal) home. I am supreme. My children get fed first before any neighbor kids….they get clothed first …etc.. If I have a job to offer up it goes to them first…not YOU. If you want to be a man ….create your own home. Because you wont become the master in THIS house.

          14. its not white supremacy…whatt you are referring to as white supremacy is WEALTHY supremacy. Poor whites are not supreme…Rich blacks are higher on the totem pole than a poor white. Why do you ignore this?

          15. Because rich or poor. Whites still benefit from a system that is designed to give them all the advantages. To white supremacist it’s not about rich or poor whites. That’s why you have dirt poor whites and rich whites sharing the same white supremacist views or ideology.

          16. This exists only in your mind. Some poor white person wont get a loan over Michael Jordan or Barack Obama. It does not even matter if the white personn THINKS he is better than Jordan or Obama.
            This white supremacy stuff is simply an easy excuse that gives you an out for your failures in life.

          17. Whites are not equipped with the same mental, spiritual and physical attributes compared to blacks. So they had to create a system that is designed to give them all the advantages, hence the creation of white supremacy.

            There is a reason why… yearly there are lawsuits filed and won against banks for unfair loan practicing against blacks. There are reasons why blacks are convicted at a higher than whites for the same crime. There are reason why blacks are wrongly convicted more than whites. There is a reason black successful neighborhoods are targeted. There are reasons why the government admitted to flooding black communities with drugs (Iran Contra)…and so on and so on!

            Whites have no excuses. Because their success is given to them. While black success is sabotaged due to white supremacy!

          18. My apologies for baiting you into that question. But that was the worst question to ask. Nonetheless here you go…

          19. This is all a big elaborate excuse. White people work for their success. Black people do as well.

            You will never succeed because as long as you have an excuse…you will fail. For you to succeed would mean you would not be able to talk this nonsense any longer…and you are MARRIED to it lol.

          20. name one advantage…lets deconstruct this thing right now.
            Are you prevented from learning?
            Are you prrevented from starting a business/making money?
            Are you prevented from taking care of your family?
            These are things black people dont do…yet they are not prevented from doing it..If you did these things..your communities would be much better

          21. Now you are just lying. Blacks are denied business loans simply for being black. How is it that middle eastern come to America without any credit, yet get loans for businesses??

          22. Thanks for undercutting your own ridiculous argument. If Whites have a system of supremacy set up…and middle easterners are not white..yet they get loans…then white supremacy is not the prob…its YOU. You are not very smart…I would not give a loan to a person who did not know what he was talking about

          23. Yes, I just proved discrimination against blacks. You have no response for why lthat is the case.

          24. There is no evidence Trump assaulted anyone. It seems as though only RICH and FAMOUS men are rapists huh? Or is it that women only desire to CLAIM rape from Rich and Famous men

          25. Trump is definitely guilty. Especially if you joke about it and have a cased filed against you for secual assualt. Any evidence they have will not be realeased since he is white and therefore protected by a white supremacist judicial system.

          26. Well this response tells me all I need to know… “Trump is definitely guilty” (because he is white)
            Well here is what I know…all the things that befall you…will not be your fault…when you cant get a job and lose all your money and break your leg and get divorced and your kids shoot you and you end up in jail…you can take comfort that you din do nuthin rong, the MAN had it in for you. lol

          27. I confirmed your point(which was?) and how? The fact that you omitted it shows that you are not very intelligent…and simply an excuse maker….Its easy to see why you want an excuse for failure….its because you are black lol…not that you are an idiot…. There ya go….now you can be happy..

          28. I know it’s difficult for whites to form complex thoughts. But if you read your own post, then my response. You will how I crushed your argument.

        2. I give you: Bill O’Reilly. Sexual predators come in all colors. And so do their victims. Apparently so do the men who defend and protect them.

          1. @ Valerie Volk Sober Again, the “I am white and I say so”. Ignore truth, facts and logic and if the white supremacist says quilty, then no evidence is needed.

            I defend false racist allegations, made by a majority of white women who are drug addicts and gold diggers. Who also have a history in this country of accusing black men of sexual assualt and rape only to be an outright lie!

      2. If you ‘Rape” someone you need to go to jail…….He problem did some, don;t believe all of them… THE ONE PROBLEM I HAVE WITH THIS…60 women since the 60’s and not ONE woman came forward…There was Only 2 Black…A white woman said a black man raped her in the 60’s would have been ‘HUNG”” Some of these unknown women it’s about the $$$$…..This woman called him several times after and meet with him after he suppose to have raped her……Something is wrong with that..

  3. These police acrossed the country drugged citizans and forced men yes men to partake in sexual acts. They was given sodium pentathlon in large amounts then told to preform these acts.They have been imprisoning Americans and even killing the Americans they force these acts on. In a effort to cover the truth. These events started taking place in and around 2000. But during these accurances they had stated it had been done even in the past on a smaller scale. Now weather this is the case in Cosby’s siduation is beyond me. Although I believe they did make him participate.It took place in moving vans. The local and federal goverments have turned a blind eye to it. They even went as far as to kill whole families to cover the truth behind years of corrupt that came to the surface during this event that people just ignore or have been silenced about it. These people in my community of Terre Haute Indiana even let what I believe was a full scale torture project in a apartment complex over seen by Federal and local law enforcement which all victims end in death. However I’m unable to prove it due to no support or just straight up lies to divided up money taken in these events. This sounds to chaotic to be true well it is. They took women at random off the street.connected to and raped and Sodimized them to death. While black started straight out sterilizing and even killing in a fashion to grossom to even discribe these black were stab white women they say we’re their slave in the anus and even uterus and then stuffing them with items they could pack them with to cover their bleeding while the cops turned a blind eye as will as whole communities. ER reports and corenor reports were faked. The Chi Chester police even brought my daughter from PA all the way here and stated when handing her and her family over we don’t care what you do to these people just leave the rest are community alone. I’m still trying to determine their fate. These events are a all out attack by law enforcement. To cover their years of crime and child exploitation. And gang lead drug rings the cops over see. So you people need to take a bigger look that church goer right there might be one of them that is in the supermarket giggling because they helped slaughter a incent victim in the community with help from me others. Just case you put on a robe does make you a Pope. The truth is America is fake and alot off evil people reside in it mitts.

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