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On Father’s Day, Ryan Cameron and the Ryan Cameron Foundation hosted their 15th annual Father Daughter Dance which served as a fundraiser for the foundation, but also as a precious time for fathers to bond with their daughters.

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, his daughter Maria, and Ryan Cameron (Photo credit: Ryan Cameron Foundation Facebook)

This year, the dance was held at the Delta Flight Museum. Over 750 guests were in attendance including Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and his daughter Maria. “Fatherhood is the most important thing to me, so to be in a museum filled with so many dedicated fathers, is what this is all about,” said Mayor Reed.

Rolling out had the opportunity to speak with Cameron about fatherhood, his family, and the legacy of the Father Daughter Dance. Check out what he had to say.

What is the purpose of having the dance?

It’s all about the dads! The main thing for us to get all the dads together with their daughters and they enjoy each other. It’s a chance for them to bond and hopefully, make their relationship better.

Did you have any idea that the dance would make it to its 15th year?

Not at all! We outgrew all the venues we originated in. We started at the Ritz Carlton and outgrew that. We outgrew the Hyatt, as well. We may even outgrow this venue but we are very pleased with the turnout.”

What is your favorite memory of all the father-daughter dances?

That’s tough. It actually hasn’t happened yet. Next year my daughters are going to be a part of the program. Before they were too young. I’m looking forward to seeing that.

Any advice for new fathers?

Be there for your children and love them unconditionally. We all want to give advice to [our children] but sometimes it’s better to listen to them.

What is the importance of fathers being in their daughters’ lives?

It’s the most important thing. Young ladies have a lot of choices and decisions to make. It’s important to have someone who has been there and done that, and I believe most of these dads have.”

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Ryan Cameron and his children Ryan Megan, Cayden, and Kai. ( Photo credit: Ryan Cameron Foundation Facebook)


Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, his daughter Maria and Ryan Cameron. ( Photo credit: Ryan Cameron Foundation Facebook)


Ryan Cameron and his two daughters Ryan Megan and Kai. (Photo Credit: Ryan Cameron Instagram @doitfortheryan)


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