Bianca Nikol Roberson, 18, of West Chester, Pennsylvania (Photo source: Facebook

In just a few weeks, Bianca  Roberson, 18, of West Chester, Pennsylvania, would be on her way to Jacksonville University. She had just graduated from Rustin High School and according to family and friends, she was excited.

Yesterday, she was returning from a shopping trip when tragedy struck in the form of road rage. According to police, Roberson was trying to merge lanes at the same time with a White male in a red pickup truck. Road cameras caught a blurry image of the driver in the red truck pulling close to Bianca’s vehicle at which point he shot her in the head. Bianca’s  car crashes into a roadside ditch as the driver in the truck speeds away.

The driver is being described as a  White male, medium build, 30 to 40 years old with blonde or light-colored brown hair. His vehicle is described as a small, red Chevrolet pickup truck with faded paint. Police in three states are now looking for the vehicle

Roberson’s family members of Bianca are devastated over their loss. NBC-News 10, talked with family members who expressed their sorrow and talked about the teen having big dreams and showed her room where she had been decorating a poster for her dormitory.

At a Thursday night press conference, Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan called the shooting a “senseless and brutal act of violence.”

Hogan went on to say, “This is now a murder case. A young woman has died senselessly. … Every cop in three states is looking for this red pickup truck and looking for this defendant. At this point, we’re asking anybody who saw anything on Route 100 going into Route 202 to call the West Goshen Police Department right now, tonight. Give us every bit of information you can.”


Mo Barnes

"Mo Betta" Maurice "Mo" Barnes is a graduate of Morehouse College and Political Scientist based in Atlanta. Mo is also a Blues musician.

  • [email protected]

    big bad white guy…life most likely in shambles, takes away a life with most likely a bright future…


  • La-Chanda Sexclibra Smith

    Tell me how blacks kill more whites and whites have always killed more blacks. This
    Is more evidence of that. Sooooo sad, black people will just react now and rightfully so

    • Kevin O

      Actually blacks kill more whites than whites kill blacks, a lot more that’s a fact. And for cross race rape, it’s almost 100% blacks raping whites.

      • Hello!

        You made those stats up

        • Kevin O

          Those stats are from the FBI, nothing made up about it.

      • TriggerMike Lowrey

        Strange that the DOJ and the FBI disagree with you. Who should we believe, hmmm?

        • Kevin O

          No, the DOJ and the FBI agree with me, that’s were the numbers came from.

          Blacks make up about 13% of the population, whites 65%, and others 22%. There are five times as many whites as blacks. Blacks make up 45% of homicide perpetrators, whites 40% (and “whites” includes Hispanic).

          Cops kill more white people than black, you don’t see whitey rioting, destroying cities and looting stores.

          • TriggerMike Lowrey

            Cops, kill more ARMED Whites! And kill more, UNARMED Blacks. READ the details! That is the difference! Illiterate, low-info, poorly educated, drumph voter! smh

          • Gary Burch

            im glad you brought up %s
            By percentage Blacks are arrested for and prosecuted more than whites for the same crimes…which means whites are arrested more but not charged or given softer sentences for the same damn crimes.

            also as cops will tell you…They are not trying to arrest white folks in suburbs,they get quotas for black people and people of color.

            cops are actually telling you they target blacks so is there any question why the numbers are skewed?

          • Gary Burch

            “Cops kill more white people than black, you don’t see whitey rioting(because you don’t speak up on the white people getting shot,white people simply kill more cops than anyone else), destroying cities and looting stores (you care about these things more than human beings white or black which is why “whitey” doesn’t speak up for themselves….easier to punch downwards than at the people killing you).

          • G.S.K. herzak

            Poor neglected minorities riot, kill, shoot, destroy. I’ve seen it in India, Egypt, etc. It’s not just a black thing. Punching up is hard and more dangerous!

          • Gary Burch

            but we aren’t talking about those countries.we are talking america. this is a deflection
            and i agree for some punching upwards is extremely hard. which is why trolls punch at tired stereotypes and tropes that have been debunked

  • SpiceGirl

    catch this guy already….damn shame. May baby girl rest easy.

    • Kev Mac

      Can’t rely on cops. We’ve already seen friends of cops get away with terrorizing a bw in the road rage incident of the beauty queen Ms. Ponder. Ehat we need is a posse of brothers to go hunt this creature down.

      • SpiceGirl

        im ok with street justice…..

        • Kev Mac

          I’m not an advocate of violence but in some cases it is sorely needed. This is one.

          • SpiceGirl


  • Chuck

    Whatever! If the black girl would have killed the white man, she would have been caught by now! RIP young lady and prayers for your family.

  • Sharon T

    Let’s be real they do not have police in 3 states looking for a white man who killed a brown skinned teemager. After all it’s seems to be an accepted action again. I Didn’t see this on the News but there probably was a 10 second spot at the end of the local donald trump state news!

  • D Maria

    This was on the news last night. Nothing was mentioned about her being shot in the head…

  • britishrose

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    • Kevin O

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    • SrAgri

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      You’re not stalking them, are you?

  • Barbara Miller

    I hope the next update I read is that this heartless maniac has been caught !!!

  • Oak510finest

    If we can learn anything from this young woman’s unfortunate death. Is that we are behind enemy lines and must stay vigilant at all times. Especially when around or in contact with those of the dominant society.

    If confronted in a unfavorable position with said group, to not hesitate in responding accordingly. You have a right given to you by the universal creator to defend your existence on this planet… at all cost!!

  • Cruddy

    I hope they catch this POS. Black people better wake up and realize that as far as the inbreds are concerned its huntin season.

  • bill bigs

    I bet he turns out to be Mexican, like George Zimmerman.

  • Wedonotsow

    This is honestly a tragedy…a beautiful woman with a bright future…whose life was senselessly taken…it might not have helped in this situation but she should have been armed herself…pa is an open carry state and I always urge all of my family members to get their gun permits and carry license…I myself have my license and go to the range quite frequently…you’d be surprised a lot of the white parents have their children shooting at a very young age…my philosophy is I’d rather have a gun and not need it then need a gun and not have one

  • Kevin O

    They caught him (actually he turned himself in), now it’s time to loot, destroy private property, beat up white people and start some fires,

    • La-Chanda Sexclibra Smith

      We only follow the leaders of all things terror related. Yes savages are white, that will never change no matter how you try and spin it.

      • SrAgri

        You understand neither history nor society. Please stay off the internet until you get smarter.

  • G.S.K. herzak

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    • SrAgri

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      • G.S.K. herzak

        Nope. I like Justin Trudeau a white man who is tolerant and sensible. I hate Trump and his band of white supremacists. Try again!

  • Emmy Lindsay Hernandez

    God bless you Bianca! Rest in peace! Thoughts and prayers to family & friends!!

  • Gary Burch

    The narrative papers are running are as follows
    “He liked old cars and ….
    “His friends say he was a nice guy….

  • Steve

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