Abiola brings his ‘green revolution’ to Chicago’s art scene

Photo credit: Tony Binns for Steed Media Service

Gallery Guichard never fails to provide their patrons with works of art that transcend and inspire and that is true with the gallery’s latest offering titled “Audacity of Talent” is guaranteed to have audiences talking about the artists and their works. One creative talent featured is Nigerian-born artist  Abiola Akintola — referred to simply as “Abiola” — who began his formal study of art at a very young age. Abiola uses a variety of materials, including paint, metal, wood, clay, and discarded objects that he finds on the street. His interest in working with found objects, such as discarded soda cans from which he extracts shredded metal, has given him the label of “the green revolution artist.” As an artist, Abiola works from the point of view of expressionism, meaning that the artist is searching for a way to express his ideas and emotions through his materials. Ultimately, the artist is given to a total involvement in the creative process. Abiola is known internationally for his paintings and sculptures.

What artistic training have you had?

The one thing that shaped my artistic experience happened to be my birth place. I grew up in Okeho, Oyo state of Nigeria. It’s a place filled with culture and tradition so I was immersed into it and learned so many things

Why use discarded materials?

I enjoy this medium because it is organic, unique and challenging.

What do you hope audiences get from your work?

People react to my artworks perhaps not only because of the use of recyclable material but also knowing that my approach has enabled them to find beauty in unusual places.

What is a “green revolution” artist?

The green revolution is a promotion of my love for our environment by using recyclable materials like plastics, aluminum cans to make my art.

Audacity of Talent runs June 15–Aug. 7, 2017, at Gallery Guichard, 436 E. 47th St., www.galleryguichard.com

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