Arlington Police Officer Chad Haning arresting young black teen in Arlington Texas (Photo source: Facebook screenshot)

Once again a police officer has been caught on tape using excessive force, this time in Arlington, Texas. Latasha Nelson of Dallas recorded the encounter where Arlington Police Officer Chad Haning arrested her 14-year-old son Trayvon and then violently assaulted and handcuffed her 16-year-old son.

When an emotionally upset Nelson asked Haning where he was taking her son, he refuses to answer. Instead, he strides menacingly toward the Black mother and calls for backup stating that she was interfering in his investigation. But Nelson stood strong and refused to be silenced while Haning abused his authority as a police officer. When Nelson told Haning she was recording the encounter and his actions, he responded “outstanding.”

He then tells Nelson to give him her phone and stated that it was evidence. Nelson said that Haning allegedly told her that if she deleted the video, the charges would be dropped. The phone is now in police custody, but the video was being uploaded to the cloud during the encounter with Haning.

Now that the video has emerged, the Arlington Police Department issued the following statement on July 13, 2017:

“The Arlington Police Department is aware of the video that shows the arrest of a 14-year-old on July 3, 2017, for burglary of a motor vehicle. The video only shows a portion of what took place and a thorough investigation is being conducted to obtain all the facts regarding this incident.”

Nelson told her full story to the Next Generation Action Network, a Dallas-based group that lobbies against police violence. The organization uploaded the video to its Facebook page and it can be viewed below:

ANOTHER TRAYVON?! A frantic mother watches in horror as Arlington Police Department assault and arrest her two teenage sons.Based upon absolutely no evidence whatsoever, the 14 year-old was charged with burglary of a habitation and the 16 year-old was charged with interfering with official police duties.The mother was assured that the charges against her boys would be dropped. But only if she surrendered this video to the police.CALL TO ACTION: Please call Arlington Police Department to demand that all charges be dropped immediately and that they return the mother's cell phone and Terminate Arlington Police Officer Chad Haning Call 817-459-5700 now. #EnoughIsEnough #JusticeForAll#NGAN

Posted by Next Generation Action Network on Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Mo Barnes

"Mo Betta" Maurice "Mo" Barnes is a graduate of Morehouse College and Political Scientist based in Atlanta. Mo is also a Blues musician.

  • Jason

    I am getting to the point where I am hoping someone puts a shotgun to the head of these race soldiers and blows them or their family members brains out.

    • Carolyn Knownasnieceyordenise

      I can see it heading that direction PEOPLE tired of the abuse

      • Kimtsmith

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    • biffula

      As a white person who’s had run-ins with the law, i can tell you your anger is misguided. My family and I have been treated this exact way by police many times. It is NOT just a race issue. It is a police-in-general issue.

      • Jason

        It has always been a race issue in this country. The police have always been used to control and criminalize Black behavior. History proves this from slavery to the Black Codes to the Jim Crow South. My heart has gone cold when it comes to “White” suffering.

        • SrAgri

          “My heart has gone cold when it comes to ‘White’ suffering.”

          That’s because you are a terrible racist.

      • Guest

        You are right, police are out of control, abusing their power and the citizens they are protected to serve. But it starts with and is most prevalent amongst the most disenfranchised segment of society, people of color. We will eventually start to see more and more abuses of other groups and that is when people will wake up. A few more incidents like the one in Minneapolis will sway people. Right now most believe it’s just poc complaining and exaggerating these abuses and that they are somehow, deserving of this treatment.

      • Annette Williams

        So? that is your experience,,so take your misguided opinion somewhere it is warranted

    • SrAgri

      You are not just a terrible racist, but a terrible person.

  • SrAgri

    I’m all for taping police actions (and body cams), but I think this woman was doing her best to escalate the situation, not document it.

    She was understandably upset that her son was being arrested, but flipping out on an officer never improves a situation.

    • cee jay

      So what she supposed to do? Stand idly by and let the officers have their way with her minor sons? She every right to be upset. He was supposed to explain to her and de-escalate the situation. She asked the same questions any responsible parent would have asked. Where are you taking my son??? Was that too hjard to answer? No,he take a Rambo attitude like, l am in charge here,your questions doesn’t matter. I can do whatever l want since,l am in charge and you are hindering my investigation! Then,you expect her not to get upset? That is her child. Then, you threw the other son on the ground and cuffed him. You don’t expect him to be upset that his brother is being taken away with none of their questions being answered? I say foul and wrong in so many fronts! He let his personal anger and biases get in the way and amp up the situation! Protect and serve! The only thing he was protecting and serving was his inflated ego!

      • SrAgri

        “He was supposed to explain to her and de-escalate the situation.”
        Explain what to her? She understood why her son was being arrested.

        “She asked the same questions any responsible parent would have asked. Where are you taking my son??? Was that too hjard to answer?”
        He should have answered this question.

        The officer was rude, arrogant, and on a power trip. However, the woman was rude and arrogant and trying to provoke him, not get answers.

  • SR

    Death to Chad Haning. Kill that corrupted cop.