Chris Brown sued over nightclub shooting incident

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A California man in attendance at a Chris Brown show in San Jose that ended in gunfire this past January is suing the singer according to reports. Paul Briley was one of five people injured on January 11 at Fiesta nightclub’s “Capricorn Bash” event when the shooting happened around 1:20 a.m. while Brown was onstage performing…. Read more »

Chris Brown tattoos more of his head

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Chris Brown’s look has evolved over the years from that of a squeaky clean pop star to that of a tatted up bad boy. This week, Brown, who is already covered in tattoos, decided to take his love for the ink a step further when he got a giant tattoo on the back of his… Read more »

Traxx Girls’ Melissa Scott announces Chris Brown, Teyanna Taylor will perform during Black Gay Pride Weekend

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Traxx Girls founder Melissa Scott began her career as a touring DJ at venues all over the United States. Her life took an interesting turn when she left her days of the spinning turntables behind and began hosting parties catering to the lesbian community. Scott’s success sky rocketed in a matter of weeks and now… Read more »

Chris Brown’s daughter Royalty shows off her dance moves

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It looks like Chris Brown’s daughter is following in his fancy footsteps. One-year-old Royalty showed off some impressive dance moves in a video her mother Nia Guzman uploaded to the little girl’s personal Instagram on Wednesday. In the video clip, the adorable toddler is beaming while busting a move to the iHeart Memphis song “Hit The… Read more »

Chris Brown: ‘Females use children as meal tickets’

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Chris Brown and his daughter, Royalty, seem to have a great relationship based on his Instagram feed, but it seems that the “Loyal” singer is anything but friendly with his toddler’s mother, Nia Guzman. On Thursday night, the 26-year-old went on a Twitter rant, implying that Guzman is using their daughter as a “meal ticket” during… Read more »

Chris Brown and his fashion fetish

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Chris Brown made his way to Hong Kong Saturday and visited the store of his favorite line, A Bathing Ape. While at the store, he posed with golden statues of three people in hoodies, and he referenced the recent incident of his home being burglarized. “My new guards for the house but they come wit… Read more »

Chris Brown says he spoke to God about his life

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When it comes to the music world, Chris Brown has undoubtedly been the biggest lightning rod for drama over the past several years. Most recently, the troubled singer, sadly, found himself in the tabloids when four men broke into his California home and held his aunt at gunpoint while they raided his home. Although rumors have… Read more »

Police investigating Chris Brown’s friends over robbery?

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Chris Brown’s world was turned upside down last week when his San Fernando Valley, California, home was robbed and his aunt was held at gunpoint while his place was looted. Making matters worse was the speculation from family and fans that his friends or club promoters that he’s worked with were behind the robbery. Now,… Read more »

Are club promoters behind Chris Brown’s home invasion?

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Earlier this week, rumors were flying that the culprits behind Chris Brown’s second home invasion may have been his close friends, whom many believe to be gang-related. But now a new report claims that it wasn’t Brown’s crew; club promoters might have orchestrated that crime. As previously reported, Brown wasn’t at the San Fernando Valley… Read more »

Chris Brown says he has more problems than President Obama

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These days, it seems we can’t go a day without a rant from Chris Brown and this time around the troubled singer has switched gears from venting about Karrueche Tran repeatedly rejecting him to his sour attitude over having to pay child support. As previously reported, Brown’s baby’s mama, Nia Guzman, is currently demanding that Brown… Read more »

Chris Brown takes responsibility for Karrueche Tran breakup

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Chris Brown made quite the embarrassing mistake last week when he followed his ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, to a Hollywood nightclub and ended up arguing with her throughout the night over a botched reunion attempt. Although both celebs initially kept quiet about the incident, Brown recently spoke with Ryan Seacrest about the breakup and explained that… Read more »

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran reunion goes horribly wrong?

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Fans wondered if Karrueche Tran would be able to stay away from Chris Brown after their split, and according to reports the two finally reunited last night at a Hollywood club. However, instead rainbows and sunshine, the two ended up with a gloomy night as reports claim the two ended up in a shocking altercation.