Kanye West called out at Amber Rose’s SlutWalk

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Remember when Kanye West did an interview and said Kim Kardashian made him take “30 showers” after his break up with Amber Rose before they could be together? It looks as though Rose’s mom didn’t forget either. Yesterday (Oct. 3), Rose held her Slut Walk event in Los Angeles and things got off to an interesting… Read more »

Are Ben Carson and Kanye West mutual fans of one another?

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In unlikey bromance news: it looks like Kanye West’s admiration for Dr. Ben Carson is a mutual feeling shared by the retired neurosurgeon turned Republican presidential candidate. In a recent Vanity Fair interview, the “All Day” rapper beamed with enthusiasm as he recalled his efforts to make contact after being impressed with a speech given by Carson…. Read more »

Kanye West takes 1st stand as presidential candidate

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Presidential candidates taking their positions in the race for the White House. Bernie Sanders? Single-payer healthcare system. Donald Trump offers ignorant banter and divisive rants. So it only makes sense that presidential candidate Kanye West has already declared the issue he holds close to his heart: the importance of sweatshirts. Yes: sweatshirts. “I think sweatshirts… Read more »

Hillary Clinton reacts to Kanye West running for president

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While presidential candidate Donald Trump would love the chance to run against Kanye West in the 2020 presidential election, it’s safe to say that Hillary Clinton isn’t too thrilled about the idea… As previously reported, the 38-year-old rapper announced his plans to join the race for Commander-in-chief during the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, but… Read more »

Social media explodes with Kanye West for president memes

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Kanye’s gon’ be Kanye and that much we can always bank on. During his acceptance speech of this year’s Video Vanguard award at MTV’s Video Music Awards, Kanye West went on what can only be described as an equal parts mad and equal parts genius rant that touched upon everything from conversations about fresh juice to Justin… Read more »

Kanye West expresses guilt over mother’s death

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Kanye West blames himself for Donda West’s 2007 death Kanye West’s mother, Donda, 58, had an untimely death in November 2007. West had liposuction, a tummy-tuck and breast-reduction surgery, which took five and a half hours. Dr. Jan Adams, the Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon who operated on her before she died, wasn’t charged in connection with her death. Dr. Adams… Read more »

John Legend thanks Kanye West and others for believing in him

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John Legend thanks those responsible for helping him realize his dream. In a recent interview surrounding his new single “My Imagination,” off the Finding Neverland album, the Golden Globe recipient opened up about who has believed in him and his career since the beginning. “I think it’s critical that you have people believe in you…. Read more »

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jan Adams wants Kanye West to tell the facts about his mom, Donda West’s death

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Dr. Jan Adams, the Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon who operated on Kanye West’s mom, Donda West, before her untimely death in November 2007, was never charged in connection with her death. He is sure no one is aware of this fact. He blames Kanye’s cousin for her death, Dr. Stephan Scoggins — a registered nurse with a Ph.D…. Read more »

Is Kanye West leaving Tidal for Apple?

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It was only a month ago that rumors began surfacing that Kanye West wanted to jump ship from Jay Z’s fledgling, and sometimes struggling, music streaming service Tidal. And though West shut down those original rumors, word is spreading now that West wants to leave for greener pastures over at Apple. According to HitsDailyDouble.com, West… Read more »