Police refuse to work Beyoncé’s tour after Super Bowl performance

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Beyoncé continues to experience backlash for her performance of “Formation” at the Super Bowl. Several conservatives initially blasted Beyoncé for paying tribute to the Black Panthers during her set. Some viewed the performance as racist and disrespectful to police. Police officers in several cities have protested the singer by refusing to work her “Formation” tour…. Read more »

Blue Ivy’s 1st Super Bowl

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Beyoncé has the world talking about her surprising performance Sunday night at Super Bowl 50. But before the proud mother went onstage, she set aside time on the football field with her daughter, Blue Ivy. Not only was the 4-year-old just featured in her mom’s new music video the day before the big show, but… Read more »

Rudy Giuliani blasts Beyoncé for being pro-Black during Super Bowl

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Beyoncé pulled off one of the more memorable Super Bowl halftime performances in recent history. However, some have questioned her performance for being too pro-Black. During a segment on Fox News, former New York mayor, Rudy Giuliani said that he was offended by the performance of “Formation.” “I think it was outrageous. I don’t know… Read more »

Beyoncé leaves Super Bowl stage, announces world tour

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Leave it up to Beyoncé to parlay a song and video release into a world tour. For those that have been under a rock for the last day or so, in under 24 hours Queen Bey dropped a new single and video called “Formation,” then performed the song in all its unadulterated blackness on the world’s… Read more »

Celebrities predict the winner of Super Bowl 50

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With Super Bowl 50 just hours away, stars are weighing in on who they predict will win the big game. Recently, E! caught up with some of reality TV’s biggest stars from “WAGS” to the “Real Housewives,” all who put in their bids. “Denver defense is the best but its Cam Newton’s year. Manning passes the… Read more »

7 touchdown-worthy Super Bowl cocktails

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It’s that time of year again. On Feb. 7, the Denver Broncos go head-to-head against the Carolina Panthers (and Cam Newton’s zebra pants) in Super Bowl 50. It goes down in Santa Clara, California, home of the new Levi’s Stadium and the San Francisco 49ers. With the big game just days away, it’s time to begin prepping… Read more »

Lil Wayne’s Super Bowl commercial causes controversy

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Will someone please give rapper Lil Wayne a good Black history lesson? He’s back in the news for his upcoming Apartments.com Super Bowl commercial, which features Lil Wayne hanging out and cooking for America’s first president, George Washington, on a BBQ grill. This is spoof of the performance of Sherman Hensley and Isabelle Sanford as George… Read more »

Serena Williams silences detractors; check out MINI’s Super Bowl ad: #DefyLabels

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It’s been five years since MINI’s premier Super Bowl commercial and they’re back for round two this Super Bowl 50, Sunday, Feb. 7, 2016. This year, the automaker is bringing along tennis star Serena Williams for the ride. In the 30-second spot, Williams explains how negative labels have driven her success and how she’s worked to #DefyLabels. For the no…. Read more »

Snoop Dogg headlines Bay Area concert during Super Bowl week

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Snoop Dogg’s Super Bowl week got off to a strange start. On Feb. 2, TMZ reported that criminals broke into Snoop’s parked SUV and stole laptops, suitcases and other items. However, Snoop denounced the report on Instagram and stated that he was not in the Bay Area during the reported car burglary. Snoop eventually made… Read more »

5 most interesting quotes from Cam Newton during Super Bowl week

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Cam Newton stands as the most polarizing figure of Super Bowl 50. The NFL’s MVP has been praised for his outstanding play and charity work. However,  some have criticized his celebratory dances which often includes the Migos-created, Dab. But Newton has never embraced the words of his critics and continues to succeed in the game… Read more »

How to enjoy Super Bowl 50 with your special someone

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It doesn’t matter if you are a Panthers or Broncos fan; the most important thing to remember is how to enjoy Super Bowl 50 with your special someone. With that being said, your mate may have no interest in the teams that are playing or even the sport of football.