Wendy Williams slams Ariana Grande; Twitter responds

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It’s safe to say that talk show host Wendy Williams has ruffled a few feathers… again… The 51-year-old has found herself on the receiving end of rampant criticism after she made a few tasteless comments about 22-year-old pop star Ariana Grande on “The Wendy Williams Show.” “She’s 21. She’ll forever look 12,” Williams said as… Read more »

The NFL and Twitter agree on new partnership

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The NFL(National Football League) and Twitter have just signed off on a deal that will ensure more football related content on users’ timelines during the upcoming season. Earlier this week, both parties agreed on a two-year deal that will have the NFL providing Twitter with more behind-the-scenes content, breaking news, game recaps, highlights, and video clips both… Read more »

Twitter reaction: Who won the 1st GOP debate?

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Last night, the Republican debate opened with sparks flying over Donald Trump’s refusal to rule out an independent run, seemingly opening the floodgates for the rest of the field to define their differences. And while a heated exchange took place between New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, political analysts and a series… Read more »

Ava DuVernay, Black Twitter react to Sandra Bland dashcam video

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Footage from Sandra Bland’s July 10 arrest has been released by Texas law enforcement authorities. But famed director Ava DuVernay and others on social media are saying the video has definitely been edited and are questioning why. The nearly 50 minute long video recorded from the police car dashcam shows a police officer pull over… Read more »

‘Space Jam 2′ rumors get boost with LeBron James, Twitter reacts

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Fans can reignite their crazy hopes for LeBron James having a starring role in Space Jam 2. On Wednesday, the Cleveland Cavalier and Warner Bros. Entertainment revealed that the studio and the player’s own company, SpringHill Entertainment, are partnering in content creation, which will span “television, film and original digital content.” James tweeted… So proud of today’s… Read more »

Black Twitter’s hilarious tweets about #BernieSoBlack

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The topics of racism and police brutality are such dire issues in the U.S. that many citizens, especially African Americans, are looking to see if current presidential hopefuls are taking the issue seriously. This is why a group of protesters confronted Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders at Saturday’s Netroots Nation conference in Phoenix. The protesters chanted… Read more »

#GrowingUpBlack sparks Black Twitter nostalgia

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Black Twitter’s been on a roll lately. From setting mainstream media straight on Serena Williams’ legacy, to straight up hijacking #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter, Black folks from around the world have been showing out via social media. On Tuesday, Blacks across social media flooded our timeline with more than 600,000 tweets at a furious pace with hilarious memes,… Read more »

MC Hammer’s winter beanie at NBA Finals, Twitter reacts

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Fans catch MC Hammer wearing a knit hat to Cavaliers-Warriors Game MC Hammer was caught committing a fashion crime on Sunday night. The blow to Cleveland Cavaliers, following a loss to the Golden State Warriors, was softened when Twitter made light of rapper MC Hammer. The 52-year-old had the audacity to wear a Warriors knit hat to the game. Yes, you read it… Read more »

Celebrities and Black Twitter go ham on Rachel Dolezal: #AskRachel

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When Rachel Dolezal parents speak, the world listens. Unfortunately, for Dolezal, 37, a 2002 graduate of Howard University and Spokane, Washington leader of the NAACP, has been harshly criticized for pretending to be Black. This writer can’t blame Dolezal, because speaking from experience it’s great to be a Black woman. Black Twitter is less forgiving… Read more »

Twitter responds to Obama with racism

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“Welcome to Twitter N-word.” That was one of the initial responses that President Barack Obama received as the first sitting U.S. President with a Twitter account. The Twitter account @POTUS was received favorably overall. Here are a few of those racist tweets our president received: