I am the sixth child & fourth son of Irving & Ruth Adams. They love me & I love them.

It’s not easy being pro-Black in America. On a daily basis, we are reminded of this

While I’m putting the finishing touches on this job description, I’m listening to Isaac Hayes’s Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic.

In Nina Simone’s classic Four Women, she serenades her listeners with the external and internal struggles

Jim Crow never lied. Jim Crow promised colored folks death, injustice and the complete denial of

At a young age, African Americans are encouraged to speak, dress and think like White Americans,

The progressive movements that ended slavery; secured a woman’s right to vote; vanquished Jim Crow; and

Racism is a Caucasian illness that people of color have been saddled with the burden of

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is America’s most important holiday. It is the only holiday in

At the time, June 19, 1984, seemed like any other day in Major League Baseball. The