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Whether it's winning an Emmy for her journalistic work, hosting the hottest events, looking chic while

Courtesy of Charlie Parks Uganda is considered one of the youngest nations in the world with over

Photo courtesy of SHADE Agency Social media has created a gateway for creators and influencers to express

For some, it started with a video of substitute teacher spitting a powerful spoken-word about his

Courtesy of Blogging has become an essential factor for not only creative minds but creative companies

Photo credit: Kalvin Reeves Chasing your dreams involves hard work, dedication, and consistency in your plans —

Barry White Jr. is a fifth-grade educator at Ashley Park PreK-8 School in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Photo by Fillmore Harvard, courtesy of Sheena Allen Psychology major and serial tech entrepreneur Sheena Allen has

Photo courtesy of Shelby Ivey Christie Whether it's digitizing brands, writing for top publications, or being a