1. Hi Rolling Out Team,

    I wanted to contact you guys to firstly thank you for posting the feature on Greighwolfe as well as keep send you through some new footage. We recently got back from 2 sold out shows at SXSW in Texas and used the opportunity to release a new video documenting our trip as well as a B-Side to the Black EP ‘Wild’.

    I’d love to get your thoughts, we’re releasing the track to pre-order from Monday next week.


    Would be awesome to see if you think this is something you’d like to feature.

    I hope to hear from you soon.



    [email protected]

  2. The world population is 75 percent People of Color and 25 percent Caucasian Persuasion. The population in the United States of America (to be renamed Spirit America) is 700 million People of Color and 180 million Caucasian Persuasion (White, Asian, Spanish and Various combined). Caucasian Persuasion count their deceased and use division in calculating People of Color. For more information, please visit http://www.andthentherainbow.com

  3. My name is Jennifer Owens and my pic is on your website .This is a false representation of me on Facebook it was stolen the people who posted it at bossip.com and rolling out.com . I would like them to be removed my image is on them and I will sue you for false representation and for lying. Someone stole my picture and put it on that site from Facebook. I have no other way to contact you because your website doesn’t allow it interesting.
    Link is titled: “meet the four female prison guards who werenpregnated by…” It’s a lie and it’s not the truth Please Remove!! And spare my rep . I have never lived in that place in Maryland and I am not a prison guard and never will be. I live in an entirely different state and I’m furious people would even do something like this

  4. Hello, we love Rolling Out magazine and would love have this new music video featured here.

    Watch “Thumbin Thru Em” here: https://youtu.be/rmKqbVPXYFg

    Dillan Grey’s debut feature project is expected in 2015 but until then enjoy the teaser EPs ” Greed and Lust” now. Below are all links in referenced to Dillan Grey and the teaser EP….Share it, Blog it and most importantly tell us your feedback on it. Cant wait to hear back from you.



  5. Writing to inquire about contact information for Munson Steed, CEO. Referred by close constituent. Need physical address or email. Response will be greatly appreciated.

  6. I am trying to figure out why you don’t have an actual “contact us” page or ways to report abuse. Racist troll abound on this site with slurs and threats.

  7. Rollingout thanks for the informative articles.
    This is an event worth covering. I am the author of ” A Father’s Rights” and I am hosting an Empowerment Educational Meetup on February 28, 2016 at 3pm the purpose of this event is to show that Father’s Lives Matter and that we as females need to stop using our kids as weapons of mass destruction when the relationship ends. The event will shed light on the issues that non custodial parents have and what their rights are. We will have Counselors, Attorneys and County Leaders to speak to the men. You can email me at feel free to email me for more information [email protected]
    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    1. they didnt even cover the story of the lady who was arrested on FB for a status so what make you think they care about this?

  8. To whom it may concern,

    I hope this email finds you well and that you are having a great day! Our names are Ashia Bright and Sherrell Glover and we are currently attending Kipp Atlanta Collegiate high school in Atlanta, Georgia. We are seniors in a creative writing class, lead by, successful artist and teacher of the year, Fallon Holmes. For the past few months the objective of the class has been to allow the students to comfortably express their creativity through writing and art. We are currently working on multiple multi-layer canvases, inspired by Jean- Michel Basquiat, to be auctioned and displayed at our school’s production of The Colored Museum. Which is scheduled for March 24, 2016 from 5:30-7:30 p.m at 98 Anderson Ave NW 30314 (Admissions will be $5). We will hold the silent auction from 4-5 p.m. and also during the stage play. The production, led by the illustrious teacher, Timothy City, and his talented Drama class, is in their second year of production. We hope to expect a large crowd to support our endeavors.

    We are writing you today to ask for your patronage in the form of a visit from a member of your team and a possible feature in your next issue. We have such talented youth who attend this school and we would love for the world to meet our students who will definitely be pillars in our future society.

    Again, thank you for your support. Please come and support our silent auction and student production of The Colored Museum on March 24, 2016. Please support us today!

    For any questions please contact Fallon Holmes at 404-667-9847 or visit http://www.kippmetroatlanta.org/KIPP-Atlanta-Collegiate

  9. Sunday, August 14th was the Miss Voluptuous Diva USA Scholarship Pageant was held at the Historical DuSable Museum. The auditorium was filled to capacity with families, friends and supportors. Visit Voluptuous Diva USA face book fan page.

  10. Do you actually print facts or just the bullshit you think fits your racist agenda? Just minding his own business and the white man shows up and shoots him while eating his chicken. Fucking liars! What about the knife he had? What about the multiple 911 calls made about him? What about the one officer that shot him being black also? Forget all that stuff? Maybe it didn’t fit your agenda right? LOSER.

  11. Your contact link does not work, which isn’t good for business. My name is Author Co Kane and I opened the first Black, female owned bookstore in Tallahassee, FL. My store is Book Teas Bookstore and opened in October 2016 yet we have not received any acknowledgement or support that other Black owned businesses receive. I’d like to be interviewed or featured about my book store. I’m a Black woman and a FAMU Alumni; I opened a bookstore within three minutes of my own alma mater but still, no support or recognition from the University at all. I thought Blacks supported one another. I’m trying to build literacy amongst our youth yet the parents wont even be the example their kids need.

    Nationally-acclaimed financial expert, commentator and author, Dr. Boyce D. Watkins, also known as “The People’s Scholar” confirmed as event’s keynote speaker.
    Chicago, IL (December 27, 2016) – More than 300 guests, elected officials, organizational leaders and members of the Dearborn Realtist Board will gather at the Venue One, 1034 W Randolph, Chicago, IL on Thursday evening January 26, 2017, to mark the 75th Anniversary of the Chicago-area Dearborn Realtist Board. Founded in 1941 by 12 Black American real estate brokers to combat oppressive inequalities in the profession, the Board grew in numbers and continues to this day to ensure Democracy in Housing for Black home buyers and unrestricted professional opportunities for Black real estate professionals. The award gala’s theme, “75 Years of Real Estate Evolution” not only reflects the association’s proud past, but also sets the tone for the future.
    Confirmed Master of Cermonies, Damon Williams is a comedian from Chicago who has appeared on Comedy Central and BET’s “Comicview.” He took over hosting from “Showtime at the Apollo” from Steve Harvey back in 1999, and also became the opening act on the “Kings of Comedy” tour, according to Comedy Central. He has his own comedy showcase in Matteson, Illinois which he maintains weekly.

    Special guests confirmed for the 75th Anniversary Awards Gala include keynote speaker Dr. Boyce D. Watkins, recognized as one of the nation’s leading social commentators focused on education, economic empowerment and social justice issues affecting Black Americans. Dr. Watkins has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, BET, Good Morning America, heard on NPR, The Tom Joyner Morning Show, and articles published in Essence Magazine, and USA Today, to name a few media outlets that have called upon him for his expertise.
    Joining Dr. Watkins as a special guest speaker will be Ron Cooper, president of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB), the country’s oldest, minority professional trade association. Although established in 1947, six years after the Dearborn Realtist Board Dearborn Realtist holds the distinction of being one of the national organization’s earliest chapters, of which there are now 90, nationwide. Mr. Cooper is expected to bring to the audience details about NAREB’s 2 Million New Black Homeowners in 5 Years initiative launched this year to increase Black wealth through homeownership, nationwide.
    “We are pleased that Mr. Cooper will be sharing this important information with Chicagoans. The success of this initiative will not only benefit people of color, but also will have a positive impact on the national economy and our local economy,” said Tracey Taylor, President of The Dearborn Realtist Board. “To have our national president at our 75th anniversary is special and speaks to the next era of NAREB’s leadership and vision for Black Americans – building wealth through homeownership,” Taylor added.

    Tickets for the 75th Anniversary and Awards Gala can be purchased by Eventbright/Tickets For additional information about The Dearborn Realtist Board visit: http://www.chicagorealtist.com.

    Media Contact
    Courtney Q. Jones, Co-Chair
    Gerald McQuirter, Co-Chair
    [email protected]

  13. Joyce Littel’s Passion and Poetry event is nothing short of rude, crude, lewd and obnoxiously vulgar spittle. We attended last night, and were shocked and horrified at the level of vulgarity throughout the show. We thought the event was about love and passion, not a contest in how much more disgusting one poet could be than the last. Who in the world wants to pay to hear Fs, Ds, Ps and the like? This low class, gutter-tainment” was nothing close to art.

    She really needs to rethink the artistry around what could have been a wonderful night. It seems that she has thrown quality to the wolves, and said, “What the f***?” She showed no respect for her audience, and she failed to provide anything that was even slightly entertaining. If I want to hear wannabee poets cuss, I can go to any local poetry night free. Littel ought to be ashamed of stealing people’s hard-earned money for that crap.

  14. Editors, I would like to suggest a future cover feature on Atlanta native Christian Coleman, the next big name in American track and field.
    While it is not a major sport in the United States, it is still an extremely popular sport overseas. Additionally, shoe companies wanting to gain a larger piece of the “urban” shoe and “athleasure” apparel pie are starting to use young track and field athletes. For example, New Balance and Puma recently signed Trayvon Bromell and Andre DeGrasse, respectively, to a multi-million deals. Now Christian Coleman is on his way to reaching that elite status.
    Two weeks ago competing for the University of Tennessee, he became the first college track and field athlete EVER to finish the indoor track and field season with top 10 all-time performances in two separate events — the 60 meter and 200 meter dashes. He won both events at the NCAA Championships in historic fashion, tying the NCAA record in the 60 (the record was set in 1999) and just missing the NCAA record in the 200 by .01 second. His times of 6.45 seconds in the 60 and 20.11 in the 200 were the top times in the WORLD this indoor track and field season.
    These were impressive additions to Christian’s already impressive resume:
    — Last summer he was the youngest member of the US Mens Track and Field squad at the 2016 Olympics in Rio. He ran a leg on the 4X100 relay team in the preliminary round, helping the squad run what at the time was the fastest time in the world.
    — He now owns Tennessee school records in three of the four sprint races — 60 (indoor), 200 (indoor) and the 100 (outdoor). Two of those records (200 indoor, 100 outdoor) were previously owned by one of his track and field idols, Justin Gatlin. He and Gatlin have become friends and were teammates at the 2016 Olympics.
    Christian would make a great cover man because of his combination of youth (he turned 21 this month and is a junior at Tennessee), talent, good looks and swag. His immediate goals are to win NCAA championships in the 100 and 200, make the US Mens Track and Field World Team and compete in the 2017 World Championships in London this summer. Thanks for your time and consideration.


  15. Hey RollingOut Magazine
    I am writing to ask about purchase options for a back issue hard copy and digital e-copy of the February 25, 1999 issue. I am a former member of Atlanta’s go-go band, the XO Band. There is a great article on the band written by Karl Carter that I’d really like to have. I would appreciate any thing you could do. Thank you for your time.

    [email protected]

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  18. Private Sneak-peak of the official music video “Let It Be Me”

    YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7tvI3Np7oI

    Let It Be Me is the first release from Ms. Damone’s upcoming EP, a rich mix of pulsating beats, poetic words of desire, and effortless range of notes from her smooth voice.

  19. I know you’ve come a long way since Rolling Out “Newspaper,” but I wanted to know if you retained any of your material published prior to becoming a “Magazine.” I won a Rolling Out Poet-tree contest with my poem “Figure 4 Haiku Lock” and I was trying to obtain a copy of it. I don’t need a physical copy, a scanned PDF file would be fine. I would like to add it to my website under my list of accomplishments.

  20. Please post our event for the community.

    VeggieFest Chicago 2017

    Benedictine University 5700 College Road, Lisle, IL 60532
    (Corner of College Ave/Yackley Ave and Maple Ave./E. Chicago Ave.)

    Saturday and Sunday August 12 and 13 11:00am to 8:00pm
    630.955.1200 or 800.222.2207 [email protected]

    Cost: Free

    VeggieFest Chicago 2017 in Lisle, Illinois will feature health booths, vegan and vegetarian food demos, talks by health professionals, drawings, live music and dancing, delicious food to purchase, kids’ activities and more. If you like live music, you will enjoy our live bands You can view all of our VeggieFest Chicago bands here http://www.veggiefestchicago.com/live-music.html#.WUHBcMaQyM8.

    One of our powerful speakers is Dr. Terry Mason, MD – Chief Operating Officer for Cook County Department of Health. When he was Chicago’s public health commissioner, Dr. Mason promoted annual “meat-free January’s.” Dr. Mason, a strict vegetarian says, “We have eaten ourselves into severe health problems, and we can eat ourselves out of them”. He believes that even people with risk factors, including family histories, are not doomed to disease.

    We would LOVE to see you and your members at VeggieFest Chicago 2017, http://www.veggiefestchicago.com/

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  22. Hello my name is Jessica Powell I’m trying to find a cover that came out a while ago November 18,2010 My husband was the one who painted the car on the cover with Nelly. We lost our copy do to a fire we had at our house we lost almost everything. My husband had it framed in his pool room and i wanted to surprise him for his birthday with a other copy. VOL.11 Number 47 November18,2010. The cover as Nelly standing behind a old school car. If you can please help me get this for him. I would like to buy three copy’s if i can. My email is [email protected]
    Thank you

  23. Hey there Community! Just wanted to share some news about an all NEW network for women entrepreneurs called “She’s Got Her OWN Network.” A network dedicated to helping women WIN! Located in Henderson / Las Vegas NV. http://www.shesgotherown.com

  24. Hello,

    I am interested in placing an ad in your newspaper. I would like more information and rates please.

    Thank you.

  25. To: Mr. Maurice Barnes

    Great story on RKELLY. I have a tip for a new story on RKelly.

    Since others are coming clean on Kelly from the past.  He stole my song and other intellectual property in the 1990’s.

    Never gave me any credit. It’s not that big of a shock because his style of singing isn’t his, as well. He stole his singing style from another artist that ruined his singing career.