Reactions to Oprah’s ‘LifeClass': ‘Why Women Do Terrible Things to Each Other’

Wed., Sep. 5, 2012 7:00 AM EST
by Songine Clarke

What do you think is at the center of most women’s disagreements?



I believe that at the center of most female disagreements is lack of trust and jealously. Women are taught to pull one another down and hate women who are doing well for themselves. That’s why reality TV at the present time is very toxic because shows like “Bad Girls Club,” “Mob Wives,” even “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” show women (any ethnicity) degrading one another, and calling one another horrible names. … These shows, which are becoming far too accessible for the youth to watch, are super damaging to the structure (or lack thereof) for empowering one another. It’s a disgrace.

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