Smoking cigarettes is the last thing you would probably expect to see your favorite celebrity doing. While we have all watched celebrities light up a cigarette on the silver screen, other cameras caught some of them still lighting up off-screen.

 Check out which celebrity women are cigarette smokers here.

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  • Nadu

    GROOOOOOSSSSS! Talk about looking pedestrian. They are human after all.

  • bart

    Adriana :(

  • Diana Flier

    Why would the singers smoke? You can sing better w/out cigarette habit, plus it ages the skin. Goes to show you, even they can’t stop being slaves to certain habits.

  • ann

    and they say that smoking aging people, or that smokers look bad. I have come a non-smokers that look much worse than smokers. There are people who don’t smoke or drink and die from the cancer and smokers die from natural death….

    • Dolph Ramey

      U R are a fat pig

  • Pen Johnson

    Now you know how they all keep their slim figures. Smoking. sad but true.

  • Lige

    I thought it said “beautiful”; what’s Courtney Love doing here?