Liza Minelli, second from the left, was accused of giving her ex-husband David Gest, far left, genital herpes during their contentious divorce

Liza Minelli: According to and other media outlets, Minelli’s ex-husband, David Gest, said that she gave him herpes and didn’t disclose the fact that she had it until after they were married.

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  • Jebb Cao

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  • Soulshadow55

    My God, we have sunk to a new low!! Isn’t there anything private in America any more. If someone has this virus it should be discussion between that person and their partner. It shouldn’t be plastered across the blogisphere for everyone to comment on. Isn’t anything private any more?

    • Likewaterforchocolate

      Well, apparently that is one the big issues about this list. Some of these folks have even been sued because of what should have been between them and their partner was not disclosed by the one party. There’s a lot of “they didn’t tell me they had the virus prior to” going on here.

  • edanb

    While herpes seems to be the dominant STD in celeb circles – there are a couple more. I found this list which sheds some light:

  • Mickie Zenz

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