Frank Ocean’s boyfriend exposes their sex life

Thu., Jan. 3, 2013 4:01 PM EST
by Terry Shropshire

Frank Ocean’s boyfriend got real graphic and almost profane on Twitter when he discussed his sex life with “a friend.” The man described as Frank’s “muse” and Frank’s “friend.” left little to the imagination.

He’s talking about a “friend” asking to lick his (substitute word for ‘penis’).

He has since taken the tweet down, but mediatakeout.com found it while it was up and it says the following:

Take a look at what else Willy Cartier had to say below: 

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  • Aaron Saltzer

    I hope he’s not talking about another woman, since he did not tweet this to Frank.

  • Lillylillypop

    He’s really talking about me but he doesn’t know that yet.