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Shaun T made quite the splash in the headlines last year when he came out as gay and also announced his marriage to his longtime boyfriend, Scott Blokker. Since then, the couple has remained rather mum about their relationship. But now Shaun has decided to introduce his husband to the word in a very public way.

Yesterday, Shaun tweeted a link to his personal blog where his husband had taken over for a bit to write a post in which he shared details with Shaun’s fans about his life.

Besides revealing his transition from a six-year career in professional soccer to becoming a “money guy” for his parents’ company, Blooker also revealed his long-term struggle with his sexuality.

On the outside, everything seemed wonderful, happy, and perfect — but on the inside I was struggling, unhappy, and hating everything about myself because I was gay,” wrote Blokker.

“Think about this: what if having blue eyes was freakish…or having blond hair was considered abnormal…or having a second toe longer than your big toe was wrong. How would you handle it?” he added.

But as Blokker explains, when he met Shaun, he met the man who would become his saving grace.

“It wasn’t until I met Shaun and his amazing self that I learned that being gay was amazing, because I was being ME…a genuine ME!” wrote Blokker. “There is such joy in not having to pretend to be something else! It frees my brain and allows it to enjoy all of the wonderful sights, sounds, and smells that life has to offer — and it’s these very differences that I learned make me special!”

Shaun T & Scott Blokker 2

Well, it seems like Shaun really helps Blokker to bring out the best in himself and it also seems like the couple is enjoying their time in wedded bliss.

Luckily, they’re not alone. Check out some other famous gay couples below. –nicholas robinson


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  • gaydarayda

    has anyone seen the hip hop abs video? anyone could tell shaun T was gay

  • Sharry Butts

    Ray Charles could see he is gay. Even how he talks. He’s still a talented & motivating guy. To sexy to be gay ugh!

  • Name

    No one knew he was gay before? I mean he talks gay

  • Nicole

    It’s funny because when I knew he was gay in ‘Hip Hop Abs’, then when he came out with ‘Insanity’ I forgot and pretended in my mind he was straight. Why Shaun??? He is so damn cute and sexy. SMDH

    • OneOfOne


  • Weirdworld

    If you watch that video you smell gay through the tv coming off that person.. Coming out? Your closet has glass walls.

  • sheerie

    Wow, how do you smell gay? You guys are stupid. Hes a beautiful person and so is his partner.

  • Rachel

    Being gay is wrong, no one is born gay. It’s a choice

    • rachelisanidiot

      …just like I choose to think you’re an idiot.

    • GoodNewsBear

      ….and I choose to think you’re an idiot

    • Stephanie

      Being a nasty, judgmental bitch is wrong. No one is born a cunt. It’s a choice.

      • The Mouse

        Too-shay!! :)

    • WonderBob

      Rachel, when did you decide to become straight? When?

    • Andre

      Gay is NOT a choice..who decides to be gay. It’s what your born with and who you are educate yourself some more on a topic your blindly coming into.
      Gay has no face. Gay is a lifestyle , people just put action that brings on what we think gay, walk..etc..

  • Dustin

    If it’s ok for one man to have sexual relations with another man. Then it should be ok to have relations with children, family, and animals.

    • GoodNewsBear

      Sure.. apart from….having sex with children involves having sex with someone not physically ready for the act of sex, not to mention not mature enough for the act to be consensual. Having sex with animals is also not consensual. Having consensual sex with someone of the same sex is… well… consensual, thus totally different.

      Do I need to talk you through the negative outcomes of having sex with your cousin or can you work that one out?

      If you’re trying to argue a point because you’d like to have sex with children, family or animals, go for it, but leave gay people out of your icky ideas.

      • WonderBob

        I think Dustin is the result of cousins having children. If two men decide to have sex, it is consensual. When Dustin decides to have sex with children, family or animals, it would NOT be consensual. That is rape. You sick bastard!

    • R<

      Except all of those cannot consent. Duh Duh Dustin.So get your penis out of that poor sheep. Get off the farm and meet some people.

  • Chanell

    I never knew he was gay until NOW…Literally today…I was scrolling through his instagram page and read his comments on his post…I never was attracted to him, never looked at him as a sexy man just average…

  • chrisF

    Who cares if he is gay? His workouts are awesome! I’m not for homosexuality, but I am for being healthy

  • jahoney

    what the hell him being gay has to do with anything. who cares! his T-25 work out help me shed 30 pounds that’s all i care about
    and that’s saying a lot coming from me. I’m Jamaican just acting gay here can get you killed

    • Dissapointed

      Ms.Shaun T. Is the bottom and announces his husband.WOW,i assume he was gay,but now i understand. He performs womanly duties as getting bend over and penetrated

      • R<

        WHY DO YOU CARE? Unless you are JEALOUS. You wish you where his “bottom”. Or the meat between their bread.

    • Cambryn Islander

      I know I hate that dirty country. My landlords are from God’s blind spot

  • GoodNewsBear

    I’m so glad that there’s positive role models that are out and proud.This public display is necessary because we just need to ‘normalize’ the whole gay thing now. I don’t understand why it’s still a big thing anywhere any more. I don’t understand why people still think it’s wrong. I can only assume that these people are lacking in exposure, and I’m glad that healthy, successful people like Shaun T and his husband are prepared to share their private lives via the media so that some of the numbnuts who have commented here spouting their anti-gay negativity, can be exposed to gay people and realize they’re not the aliens they make them out to be. I’m sorry that there is negativity from these people. I’m sorry there are probably a few who won’t do Shaun T’s workouts anymore (as if a workout’s effectiveness has anything to do with what he does in the bedroom), but thank you both for taking a step forward in being positive gay role models. The more we have, the easier we can stamp out this bigotry.

    • Friend

      Goodnewbears I’m convince you’re gay and I could be wrong! With that being said, you and your gay friends need to stop judging everyone evil who doesn’t agree with y’all way of life. You guys try’s to force y’all opinion of y’all sexuality as being right on people who feels the opposite sex is God’s way and the only right way. I love each of you as a person, but you, the president and no one else will ever make me believe there’s anything right or healthy about y’all lifestyle. My biggest problem is how y’all have this you for me or against me attitude. There is nothing normal about same sex marriages, nothing at all. To say, “I don’t see way it’s still a problem” is the problem we have in our great land of freedom. The decaying of morality and godliness in a country that portrays to be build upon these very core values. May God bless y’all and I truly love each you.

    • Sherry J

      Being gay isn’t normal! If it was more than half the population would be gay, not only that. People that are normal don’t hide from there normalcy..They obviously realize that they are different and are afraid of the public reaction to their choice because it isn’t an accepted behavior and the only reason that we are even close to accepting it now is because of all the darn exposure they get in the media. If we didn’t have the news and MTV or TMZ or CNN then gay people would still be in a closet and afraid of the choice to exposure themselves. IT’s shame that keeps them in the closet really not personal opinion.

  • Nat Herron

    It shouldn’t matter to anybody if he is gay or not. That’s just who he is and he is a good person. He changes peoples lives with his career. And anybody who thinks it’s wrong to be gay is very ignorant because who are you to tell someone that who they are is wrong? Seriously. Look in the mirror because you’re the wrong one.

    • Tiffony Patton

      He is still sexy to me!! Him & his husband. To each is on, that’s the way he choose to be. Old well that is his choice. He still got it going on. Sexy, Sexy, Sexy & more Sexy!!!

  • hoonee

    Both of them are sexy,and got a great thing going on but whatpeople do in their lives is there business because we are not paying their
    bill,and there’s a lot of them on the down low I hope they enjoy life

  • cwv

    Love Shaun T! His workouts are excellent!!!

  • Soul Writer

    They are beautiful, too bad they can’t reproduce with each other. People free to agree or disagree as long as we do it peacefully.

  • kate

    am so happy not in america to see this shit….here i come from man was made to marry a woman…oopps not the othe way around…

    • R<

      You are not in America? That explains your lack of the command of the English language. First learn how to string a complete sentence and then come back here and post. Good riddens.

  • Jay

    I hate when people say things like ‘he’s too sexy to be gay’ …like you’re all too ugly to be straight

  • Lurker

    Mazel to the BEAUTIFUL couple!

  • thefacts010

    Being hay defies nature therefore it’s nothing more than a sexual fetish like when make dogs do other make dogs in the butt… But it’s still wrong and shouldn’t be made public it’s not love it’s sex fetish so go home and smell his poo and SHUT UP ABOUT IT no one wants to hear your sexual deviances….

    • thefacts010

      Its gay not hay…spell check

  • thefacts010

    Another faggot with mental issues and self esteem issues….
    Fact if Gay was OK and everyone were gay there would be NO ONE