Detroit Singer Jennifer Sheffield Stuns Crowds With Classic Vocals

Sat., Oct. 6, 2012 4:39 PM EST
by Roz Edward

When a dazzling young artist like Jennifer Sheffield takes the stage and unleashes her rare talent on unsuspecting audiences, the result is a type of love at first sight. We are awed, enamored and listen intently as we anxiously anticipate the next utterance, the next note, and the next song. We are transported to reminiscing about the great female vocalists that impacted us so significantly in the past, like Jill Scott, Marsha Ambrosius and every other major songstress of the past decade.

Sheffield who gained prominence first in Europe has embarked on her first stateside tour and has is opening to rave reviews from critics around the country. Sheffield spoke with rolling out following a earth shattering performance at UDetroit Cafe recently about her love of music and what it takes to stay true to your passion. –roz edward

On what it takes to get noticed in the industry …

Authenticity. I think right now — I hate to say it, — but right now there are a lot of gimmick acts around, they’re catchy and they sometimes work. But when you have genuine, raw talent without all the bells and whistles sometimes it’s harder to get noticed. That’s when you have to stay real and true to yourself and who you want to be as an artist, and that way you will always get noticed.

About her musical genre …

I am an R&B singer, but I am more and more being classified as pop soul. My music is upbeat, after we go pop, the bottom line is singing a cappella with out any music at all works fine for me. … But I’ll take pop soul too.

On what it takes to break through …

You need consistency and you need drive — that’s it. You have to get out there and not wait for it to come to you. There are a lot of amazing singers sitting at home, but you don’t get noticed at home. You have to take voice lessons, dance classes and get the formal training.

What’s next …

I am finishing up my album … so I am back in the studio and working to get some musical things accomplished in Africa.


Sheffield is being compared to legendary singers of out time and is due to release her debut CD soon. Stay tuned to for more on the artist and her upcoming performance schedule.

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