According to, Charlie Baltimore’s ex-boyfriend, producer Zack Williams, took to YouTube to put the rapper on blast, saying she is broke, has herpes, and is “whoring” herself out.

According to Zack, she is currently “broke” and stuck living with a man who owns “a couple construction companies.” She also no longer lives with her children and is addicted to cocaine. However, as if all those allegations weren’t bad enough, Williams goes on and on about Charli’s sex life.

Baltimore responded to the claims by tweeting,

“The fake A** clown mad he Cldnt f*** me. So apparently this dude is locked up and his babymom wldnt pay his 750$ bail so MTO did. CTFU”

 Yah, OK Charlie, but that is not exactly a denial that you don’t have the disease either. 

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  • Intensity Lawz


  • Amanthasay

    Black people are the main group that’s always running around “oh, eww, icky icky!” about herpes and “outing” and denigrating people that suffer from it but yet still don’t practice safe sex and avoid risky behaviors that would put THEM at risk for it. Can we say ‘hypocrisy’?

  • Amber

    All these grammatical errors in this article, I sure hope you folks aren’t thinking this is a reliable source!