Veteran hip-hop star and former Hot Boy Juvenile is looking to make a career change.

Or at the very least, he’s diversifying a bit.

The New Orleans-born rapper has joined the cast of the upcoming crime drama The Power of Few, directed by Leone Marucci. The movie is about one violently bloody day as seen from the perspective of three different characters. Juvie will play a gangsta heavily involved in the misadventures of that day.

He spoke to about the film and shared his enthusiasm for being on-camera with stars like Christian Slater and Christopher Walken.

“To be honest, when they said Christian Slater and Christopher Walken and Anthony Anderson — right there that’s three people that I really like,” Juvenile explained. “I watch their movies. I watch Mobsters, I watch King of New York, I watch the movies that Anthony’s done with my fellow rapper DMX in the beginning. I’ve seen him do movies that I’ve loved a lot, like Barbershop.”

Of course, Juvenile is joining a long and semi-illustrious list of rappers who have become actors. The results have been decidedly mixed whenever emcees decide to become leading men; for every Will Smith and LL Cool J, there’s a Tone Loc (he was in Ace Ventura, remember?)

While we don’t want to wish bad on Juvie, here’s a look at 10 of the worst rappers-turned-actors 

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