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Author Tracy Nicole Offers Tips on Overcoming Life’s Obstacles

Tracy Nicole is more that just an author, she’s an activist. She penned her first novel, Who Said Peaches Were Perfect?, to help young women, er, all women, avoid the perils and pitfalls of life. Her inspiration for the book came from a maternal place. “I have two daughters and although they’re young, they’re growing […]

No Snitching: The New Crack

Drug abuse and addiction have historically been a major problem in minority communities, in particular the African American community. Now, we are confronted with a new addictive behavior that is reminiscent of the impact that crack once held in our neighborhoods. This new addiction is not a substance but a problem behavior that can be […]

Did T.I. Go Crazy in Jail?

Clifford “T.I.” Harris has been cruising in the left lane of life since his release from prison for felony weapons charges. But he says that he nearly teetered off the edge of sanity while being locked up for nearly a year. “Being in that environment and having those daily surroundings, it’s going to affect you,” […]

Big Boi's Big Kidz Foundation Fundraiser Features Works by T.I., Martha Stewart, Idris Elba

Big Boi’s Big Kidz Foundation Fundraiser Features Works by T.I., Martha Stewart, Idris Elba

Antwan “Big Boi” Patton, one-half of the legendary rap group OutKast, collaborated again with the likes of entertainment phenoms T.I., Martha Stewart, Idris Elba and Janelle Monae to provide blessings to urban kids through the Big Kidz Foundation. Only this “collaboration” took place in a way most people would never have fathomed. On Saturday, Big […]

Diddy-Dirty Money Star Dawn Richards Draws From Life Struggles for Debut Comic Book Series

Diddy-Dirty Money Star Dawn Richards Draws From Life Struggles for Debut Comic Book Series

You could call singer-songwriter Dawn Richards many things: talented, attractive, and you should add to that list, superwoman. After going multiplatinum with her former girl group, Danity Kane, and then joining Diddy for his new group, Diddy-Dirty Money, she is now releasing her debut comic book series titled, Danity Kane. For Richards, the comic’s protagonist and […]

 G-Fresh: Label CEO and Rapper; This Is How He Did It

G-Fresh: Label CEO and Rapper; This Is How He Did It

G-Fresh, the CEO of Munki Boi Entertainment, had no intentions of being a rapper when he launched his record label. Now his hit single, “On My Momma,” is blazing the airways as one of the hottest indie records in the Midwest. G-Fresh is making it quite clear that he plans to put Indianapolis on the […]

Tamara J's Working Faithfully

Tamara J’s Working Faithfully

The music industry requires a lot of work, but it also requires a lot of faith. No matter how talented or how much work one puts in, success isn’t guaranteed.  Singer-songwriter Tamara J can definitely attest to that. In 2007 she moved from her hometown of Detroit to Atlanta and began to grind it out […]

Eminem and Drake Albums Leaked Early: Why Rap Albums Leak More Than Other Genres

This is getting beyond ridiculous, many music consumers are saying to themselves or to someone else. Virtually every major hip-hop artist’s latest album is released to the public long before its release date. Yesterday, it was Eminem’s Recovery album. The other day, there was a cut from Drake’s debut CD (yes, he is actually a […]

Singer Al Mac Will Introduces Urban Country Gospel

Singer Al Mac Will has found her lane in the music industry, with the introduction of the urban country gospel genre After having a near death experience, she took time to re-evaluate her relationship with God, which has in turn helped with the making of her album Stand Still.Listeners should prepare to be captivated by the fullness of […]

RedZone Records presents R&B Crooner Bryan J

There’s a new heartthrob on the music scene and he goes by the name of Bryan J. As the first artist on RedZone Records, he has already created quite a buzz on the Internet with his single “Let Me Take You Out” featuring Travis Porter. With the his small town charm, spectacular vocal ability, and […]

Monica, Kandi Burruss and a Congressional Candidate Celebrate Gucci Mane’s Release From Prison

Top names in the music industry and a few Georgia politicians partied with Gucci Mane as if he had just completed a doctoral program. On his second night home after serving a six-month prison bid, Gucci Mane was surrounded by notable stars such as Monica, Kandi Burruss, Big Boi, Waka Flocka Flame, Jazze Pha, Sean […]

Jive Records Signs R&B Singer John Blu

Jive Records Signs R&B Singer John Blu

John Blu is Jive Records’ newest singing sensation. The Chicago native is not only an artist, but a remarkable producer, songwriter and composer, making him a quadruple threat in R&B and hip-hop music. His sexy and sultry voice takes listeners’ on a musical journey as he sings about his love and appreciation for his favorite […]

Judge Dismisses Wrongful Death Suit in Notorious B.I.G.’s Murder

Notorious B.I.G.’s murder remains unresolved, and rightfully so, his family has never let L.A officials live it down; but the final buzzer may have sounded. Christopher Wallace, also known as Biggie Smalls, was gunned down outside the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles on March 9, 1997, while leaving a music industry party. The criminal […]

Wyclef Jean’s Alleged Mistresses Fight Back for Respect; FBI Involved

The two women romantically linked to Wyclef Jean have gone on the offensive to take back their self-respect. Lisa Ellis, the ex-manager whose leaked nude photos caused all kinds of thunder and lightning to strike throughout Wyclef’s home when it was found by his wife, has gone to the Department of Justice and the FBI […]

Jstavo: Pop-Soul’s New Sensation

Joshua Boyd  better known as Jstavo  is music’s newest addition.  The Virginia native has dubbed himself, music’s new prince of Pop Soul and is ready to take the music scene by storm. “I think it’s my personality and my performances, that set me apart.  I’m not just a dancer, I bring a different type of […]

DMX’s Wife, Tashera Simmons, Telling ALL the Dirt!

The wife of former hip-hop heavyweight DMX is coming out with a tell-all book about her tumultuous life and marriage with the troubled but talented star. Tashera Simmons confirmed to that a book, Strength of Woman, will strongly contradict the public’s perception of the glamorous life of a multiplatinum rapper and prolific actor. DMX, […]

Lil Mo': The Drugs, the Alcohol and the Light

Lil Mo': The Drugs, the Alcohol and the Light

You can’t tell it by looking at her, but behind R&B singer Lil’ Mo’s smile, colorful fashion and the powerful voice that has delivered hits such as ”Superwoman” and “4Ever,” is a woman who battled drugs and alcohol abuse for six years beginning in 2001. For the first time ever she is opening up to […]

Sheila Coates Encourages, Put Your Best You Forward

Sheila Coates Encourages, Put Your Best You Forward

In the music industry, record labels have a glam squad that’s responsible for developing a commercially successful image for the next big artist. Sheila Coates is one of those people. The industry veteran of 16 years has managed the brands and images of A-list celebrities. She has orchestrated memorable red carpet experiences and multimillion dollar […]

Hennessy Limited Edition Bottles Fly Off Store Shelves

Hennessy Limited Edition Bottles Fly Off Store Shelves

 “As marketers we have continually elevated the level of expectation around innovation … and in a technology driven age when it’s almost become the norm [to expect more], we look at building innovation as one of the pillars of strategy for the brand,“ explains Andy Glaser, Senior VP of Marketing at Moet Hennessy USA.  On […]

Not ‘Giving Him the Best That She’s Got': Anita Baker in Court for Reneging on Divorce Settlement

Grammy Award-winning singer Anita Baker is fighting tooth and nail to avoid having to share the rights to royalty payments from her most popular songs with her now ex-husband, Walter Bridgfoth Jr. The two came to terms in their divorce settlement, but Baker is now refusing to sign the documents because she, “didn’t understand the […]

The Way I See It

The value of that which is intangible can be found in the ideas and concepts that influence us and shape us into who we are. The value of music and producing a measure of memories which are at times spellbinding in not only reminding us of love, but what that rapture actually feels like. It […]

Drake’s Rookie Year Capped off by Grammy Performance; Can He Possibly Exceed Expectations?

In the music industry, lives can be changed in a matter of months. An obscure artist just one year ago, Drake captivated the nation as an unsigned artist after releasing his acclaimed mixtape So Far Gone in April. By the summer, Drake was headlining sold out shows across the country and created an atypical bidding […]

Lil Wayne, Mary J. Blige Scheduled to Perform at 2010 Grammy Awards

This weekend Los Angeles will be swirling with the who’s who in music and entertainment, in preparation for “music’s biggest night.” Stars will be traveling from all four corners to be a part of the 2010 Grammy Awards, and this year’s performances should be interesting to say the least. Here’s my take on a few:Mary […]

Larry Moody Making Big Buzz With Song About President Obama

Larry Moody Making Big Buzz With Song About President Obama

Rapper-songwriter-producer Larry Moody is creating buzz for himself and even getting recognition from President Obama for his song, “Respect Before You Elect.” Moody talked to rolling out about his positive music and upcoming projects. –iesha daniels How did ‘Respect Before You Elect’ come about? My cousin came to me and said, ‘Larry, you know we’re […]

Joya Bravo Joins Forces With McDonald’s for the Dollar Van Campaign

Joya Bravo is determined to make room for her versatile sound in the music industry.  The singer, rapper, songwriter, and violinist, uses music to showcase her many talents. The most recent project  for Bravo was becoming the new face of the McDonald’s Dollar Van Campaign, where she sings along with rapper Wordspit.  This quadruple threat […]

Artist Spotlight: Howard 'Tex' Moton

Artist Spotlight: Howard ‘Tex’ Moton

Graffti artist and Yums shoe designer Howard “Tex” Moton is heavily involved in the fashion and music industry. Moton has designed for Soulja Boy, Dorrough and Sean Kingston. Moton talked to rolling out about giving back to the community and what it takes to get started in the fashion industry. –iesha daniels Were you an […]

Common Sense for the Aspiring Recording Artist

The music industry generates billions of dollars annually, and scores of artists are out to claim a piece of the pie. Here are a few tips that can help you get on track to a successful music career. Avoid Being a ‘Cookie Cutter’ Artist Some may argue that mimicing someone who already has a successful […]

Top 10 New Year’s Predictions

Your Weekly Top Ten Presents: Top 10  Negrodamus Predictions For 2010 10. WHAT’S OLD: Blatant Promiscuity. WHAT’S GOLD: Monogamous relationships. NEGRODAMUS PREDICTION: After overdosing on 2009’s year of cheating celebrities and politicians, I predict folks will FINALLY get the message that trickin’ ain’t easy and AIDS ain’t the common cold; it affects EVERYONE (even Black […]

Canada's Greatest Hip-Hop Export

Canada’s Greatest Hip-Hop Export

LOS ANGELES – This is the one moment that pretty much summarized Drake’s utterly unforgettable, over-the-top Christmas season. No, it was not the fact that he just got nominated for two Grammy Awards, although it was close. It was not that music critics dubbed the Toronto-born actor-turned-rapper as rap’s consensus All-American before he even really […]

Tiger Woods’ Christmas CD – ‘Balls in the Rough’

18 Holes Entertainment With all of the mayhem surrounding the Tiger Woods scandal, you’d think he has been exploited in every way possible by now. You’ve seen and heard all of the rumors, but have you heard the soundtrack? Yes, the music industry is cashing in on Tiger’s trip from triumph to tragedy just in […]

The 2009 AMAs: Janet Jackson and Whitney Houston Scorch the Stage

The 2009 American Music Awards weren’t exactly must-see TV. There were a number of tepid performances that seriously underwhelmed (Rihanna, Green Day), far too many shots of Taylor Hicks patented, pseudo-sincere “Omigosh, I won?” face via satellite, and I think everyone got sick of that Luke Wilson Verizon commercial. But it wasn’t all a snooze-fest, here […]

New VP of Def Jam, Abou Thiam, on His Brother, Akon, Haters and What He Saw in T-Pain

New VP of Def Jam, Abou Thiam, on His Brother, Akon, Haters and What He Saw in T-Pain

Abou Thiam was inspired to pursue a career in music after growing up listening to his father play drums. Bu’s older brother was determined to break into the industry as an artist, and Bu followed suit. His older brother would realize his dreams and take the music industry by storm as multiplatinum singer-songwriter-producer Akon. Bu initially […]

Kristinia DeBarge On Family Ties, Chris Brown and Rihanna

Kristinia DeBarge On Family Ties, Chris Brown and Rihanna

Kristinia DeBarge understands that her greatest advantage could be her biggest challenge. The daughter of James DeBarge, Kristinia was reared by a musically gifted family that gave her firsthand insight on the music industry. However, some will expect her to carry the mantle and continue the success that her family established during the early `80s. […]

LaFace Records Honored in Atlanta

LaFace Records Honored in Atlanta

The Soul Train Music Awards, which were held in Atlanta recently, paid tribute to LaFace Records. The fact that the city hosting the widely televised event also happened to be the birthplace of LaFace Records, made it that much more personal for the record company’s founders Antonio “L.A.” Reid and Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds. The record […]

Michael Jackson’s Collaborator Hails Jackson as ‘Amazing’

The name Travis Payne may or may not conjure up images of sizzling pop video productions and steamy stage shows, but if the names Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson and that of the beloved Michael Jackson mean anything to you, you’ll want to make a mental note to watch for any project associated with his name. […]

Birdman – Money Talks

Birdman – Money Talks

story by Todd Williams images by Hannibal Matthews for Steed Media Service About 50 people are buzzing in and out of the hallways of Patchwerk Studios in Atlanta. The collective ranges from photographers to bloggers to publicists to models to producers to … Gucci Mane? The Atlanta-based rapper shuffles in quietly past all of the […]

Fresh From McDonald's Flavor Battle, DJ Irie Says Follow Your Passion

Fresh From McDonald’s Flavor Battle, DJ Irie Says Follow Your Passion

DJ Irie, one of the clebrity DJs in McDonald’s Flavor Battle competiton, shares what it takes to pursue a career as a DJ. “I definitely encourage anyone [who] has the passion, the fire within, to get involved in the music industry or to get involved in deejaying to definitely pursue that, but the most important […]

Monica Reborn, Revitalized and Reinvigorated

Monica Reborn, Revitalized and Reinvigorated

story by Terry Shropshire images by Dave Ellis for Steed Media Service Unlike most people, Monica Denise Arnold wouldn’t change a thing about her life — even if she were empowered with the option to do so. She is at a place of happiness, contentment and acceptance with the way her journey has turned out […]

Tony Mercedes Discusses Kandi Burruss and Why the South Is Running the Record Business.

Tony Mercedes Discusses Kandi Burruss and Why the South Is Running the Record Business.

Ten years before Tony Mercedes got into the music industry, he was making a name for himself promoting concerts. He gained industry recognition as the director of A&R at LaFace Records. He had the No. 1 rap record in the country “Who Dat” (J-Money) and No. 1 R&B record “No Scrubs” (TLC) in 1999 on […]

Naturi Naughton: Remember Her Name

Naturi Naughton: Remember Her Name

Story by Roz Edward Images by Ashley Walker for Steed Media Service When the remake of the 1980 hit film, Fame, rolled on to the silver screen on Sept. 25, the lead character, Denise, was revived by musical powerhouse, Naturi  Naughton. In 1980, Irene Cara memorialized the role when she sang the title song and […]

Mya’s Last Dance?

Mya’s Last Dance?

Story by: Amir Shaw photography by: Desmond for Steed Media Service Styling by: Joe Exclusive There was a time when Mya Harrison commanded the attention of millions. Women rejoiced over her sexually liberating hit single, “Lady Marmalade.” She garnered street credibility from those in the hip-hop community by holding her own alongside reputable emcees such […]

Jerry Clark: A Mother’s Day Tribute to My Wife

Jerry Clark: A Mother’s Day Tribute to My Wife The moment I realized I wanted to marry my wife, Schjuan O’Neal Clark, was when she met my mama. My mama had met other women before her, but when she met my future wife, my mother’s whole demeanor changed. The feedback and the whole vibe, it […]

kelly l. robinson- grabbing the bull by the horns

Field Marketing Manager, Red Bull Red Bull prides itself on its innovative use of unconventional marketing tools. Thanks to the leadership and wisdom of Kelly Robinson, the world leader of energy drinks has been able to apply their strategic and unique approach to sales and promotions. Before joining Red Bull as the field marketing manager […]

Warrick Dunn, Lisa Price and Macy’s Help the Community ‘Strive for Success’

Warrick Dunn, Lisa Price and Macy’s Help the Community ‘Strive for Success’

Warrick Dunn, Lisa Price and Macy’s Help the Community ‘Strive for Success’ In celebration of Black History Month, Macy’s called on some of the African American community’s brightest minds to enlighten and inspire the community with their “Strive for Success” panel held on Feb. 20. Tampa Bay running back Warrick Dunn; Lisa Price, Carol’s Daughter […]

Where Have All the Female Emcees Gone?

Over the years, the Grammy’s has grown to represent the pinnacle of achievement and recognition in the career of artists worldwide. Although it has gradually embraced hip-hop by introducing new categories to incorporate the ever-growing genre, female rappers have by and large been left out of the equation. Since the category of Best Female Hip-Hop […]

Fallen Soldiers: The Top 10 Most Infamous Rap Murders

It certainly has been an eventful last two decades for hip hop music. Once thought of as a fly-by-night fad with no true staying power, the culture and music behind it eventually exploded into an international phenomena, creating trends and making superstars in the process. But the price of fame created by this genre ultimately […]

Keri Hilson Talks About Being on the Road

With a whirlwind national tour currently in high gear, in addition to the daily rigors of being both an emerging artist as well as an in-demand songwriter, Keri Hilson would be hard-pressed to tell you what city she’s currently in, let alone reflect back on the year that was. So when rolling out convinced the […]

Four Tops Receive First Grammy With Lifetime Award—Who Else Has Never Won?

The Grammy® Foundation announced this week that Motown’s legendary Four Tops will receive the Lifetime Achievement Grammy this year. The Four Tops included “Duke” Fakir, the late Lawrence Payton, the late Renaldo “Obie” Benson and unforgettable baritone lead singer Levi Stubbs—who, sadly, passed away this year. The foursome was one of Motown’s biggest acts in […]

Note to Aspiring Songwriters: Secure an Internship to Get Ahead

Alonzo Robinson, senior director of black music for ASCAP (West Coast office) loves his job — and it shows. During the ASCAP songwriters’ panel, which took place in L.A. over the Grammy Awards weekend, Robinson was all smiles as he maneuvered around the room, and networked with burgeoning songwriters and established talent. After 19 years […]

Part 2 of the Behind Scenes Footage with Diamond

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