President Obama Prepares to Face Mitt Romney After Iowa Caucus Victory: Why Obama Re-Election Will Be Harder

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President Obama heads to the Midwest Tuesday after learning that Republicans may be going to the political prom with the ugly duckling candidate, Mitt Romney. Following Romney’s extremely narrow victory over Rick Santorum in the Iowa caucuses in Des Moines, Obama, who will speak in Cleveland, is expected by many to face the former Massachusetts… Read more »

Bill Clinton’s 5 Re-Election Lessons and Best Advice for President Obama

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Bill Clinton has reemerged in recent months to offer support and advice in President Obama’s reelection aspirations. Despite their fallout during the 2008 campaign, where Clinton’s disparagement of Obama appeared to be tinged with racial overtones from many African Americans’ perspectives, the fact is Clinton successfully defended his Oval Office title and can help Obama… Read more »

President Obama Writes Personal Checks to Ailing Americans; Why He Does It

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President Obama is often so anguished and aggrieved by personal accounts of desperation that he has whipped out his White House wallet and personally written checks to unsuspecting Americans to ease their burdens. People who believe their cries for financial reprieve cannot possibly penetrate the ironclad fortress surrounding the White House were shocked to learn… Read more »

Martin Luther King Would Have Loved Occupy Wall Street, President Obama Says at MLK Memorial

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President Obama, the heir apparent to Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream, officially christened the King Memorial on the National Mall while reminding citizens that King would support the populous uprising seen across the country. “If he were alive today, I believe he would remind us that the unemployed worker can rightly challenge the excesses of… Read more »

President Obama, Mo’Nique, Magic Johnson’s Pit Stop, St. Louis’ Soul Food Eatery, Sweetie Pie’s, Gets Reality Show on OWN

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Miss Robbie Montgomery and her son, Tim Norman When traveling to “the Lou,” a must-visit is Sweetie Pie’s, the soul food empire founded by Midwest culinary queen Robbie Montgomery. “Miss Robbie” as she is affectionately called is the head of the dynasty, who along with her son and business partner, Tim, attracts celebs and dignitaries… Read more »

Blacks at Occupy Wall Street Protest Support President Obama, Blame Big Business and Congress for Current Crisis

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NEW YORK – African Americans who are part the Occupy Wall Street protest movement sweeping across the country generally support President Obama, placing the balance of the blame on corporate tycoons and the warring factions in Congress for the prolonged economic malaise. Most are nestled among the throngs of protestors who are politically astute enough… Read more »

President Obama, Bill Gates, Nicki Minaj and Tyra Banks React to Steve Jobs’ Death

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The world was stunned yesterday when technology giant Apple revealed to the public that the company’s co-founder, Steve Jobs, had passed away on Oct. 5, following a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Immediately after news spread of Jobs’ death, several celebrities decided to pay tribute to the loss of this generation’s most preeminent technology visionary…. Read more »