President Obama Wrong for the ‘Stop Complaining’ Comments, Says Maxine Waters

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Maxine Waters fired off at President Obama in the wake of his Congressional Black Caucus convention speech in which he told blacks to “stop complaining,” “stop whining’ and “stop grumbling” and to “start fighting.” Waters took great umbrage at what she characterized as condescension and hypocrisy on the part of Obama, who she said doesn’t… Read more »

With Lady Gaga in Audience, President Obama Blasts Republican Party, Texas Gov. Perry

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With flamboyant superstar Lady Gaga present at a fundraiser near San Jose, Calif., President Obama began taking swipes at the stumbling Republican presidential front-runner Rick Perry and told supporters that Republicans would “cripple”the U.S. if they took over the Oval Office. Speaking at a series of West Coast fundraising events that double as a push… Read more »

President Obama’s Re-Election Campaign Begins With Forceful Plea to ‘Pass This Jobs Bill Now’

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President Obama, reeling from record-low political ratings and a tsunami of discontent from both his enemies and the electorate on the lack of progress on the economy, appeared before Congress with a level of forcefulness and resolve rarely witnessed as he repeatedly demanded that Congress “pass the jobs bill now.” It was, for all intents… Read more »

Why Maxine Waters Gets Away With Criticizing President Obama When Cornel West, Tavis Smiley Don’t

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I withstood a lot of heat and insults (some which were actually funny) from a previous article I wrote where I took great umbrage with the motivation behind talk show host Tavis Smiley’s and Princeton professor Cornel West’s relentless denigration of the Obama presidency. I will repeat and reiterate what I said before: Smiley and… Read more »

President Obama’s Vacation Reading List

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President Obama brought along three books with him to Martha’s Vineyard and purchased two more at the Vineyard bookseller, Bunch of Grapes, to add to his reading list. Of the five books, four are novels. One is a nonfiction account of the exodus of African Americans from the South. Ever wondered if the president’s taste… Read more »

Anthony David, President Obama’s Favorite Artist, Headlines One Music Fest

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Savannah native and Atlanta resident Anthony David is a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter who first came to our attention writing songs for Atlanta’s own India Arie. His first single, “Words,” was a duet with Arie that had fans and critics alike comparing the soul singer to Bill Withers. David’s third studio album, titled As Above So Below… Read more »