Breaking News: President Obama Announces Free Contraception for Women

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President Barack Obama announced major health care changes for women in America with his recent and official disclosure that contraception will soon be free for all women and that co-pays for birth control will be eliminated. The new guidelines under the Affordable Care Act requires new health insurance plans to cover women’s preventative services such… Read more »

President Obama Loses 40,000 Twitter Followers After Tweeting About Debt Ceiling

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President Obama tried to take the fight of the nation’s debt ceiling into cyberspace — and lost. More than 40,000 of Obama’s Twitter followers “un-followed” him after the ceaseless barrage of tweets. Many of Obama’s followers became extremely irked when his administration’s campaign staff used @BarackObama Twitter account to post the Twitter handles of Republican leaders and send them the… Read more »

Jay-Z Says Criticism of President Obama ‘Fair’

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As of late, President Barack Obama has received heavy criticism from a number of sources including outspoken rapper Lupe Fiasco. And while many feel that the criticism is unwarranted and out of line, hip-hop mogul Jay-Z is claiming that any criticism President Obama has received is “fair.” According to Billboard, on Thursday night, July 7,… Read more »

President Obama’s Daughter Becomes a Teen: 3 Ways Parents Can Prepare for Adolescence

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President Barack Obama could face his most difficult challenge thus far. He’s now the parent of a teenager. Along with participating in festivities for the Fourth of July, the Obama family also celebrated the birthday of their eldest daughter Malia who turned 13 years-old on Monday. During a recent interview, President Obama spoke about his… Read more »

Tom Joyner Rips Tavis Smiley and Cornel West for Their Hatred Toward President Obama

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Several days after MSNBC suspended host Mark Halperin for calling President Barack Obama a “d***,” radio host Tom Joyner decided to confront two of the strongest voices in black America for their ill-advised rants against the nation’s first black president. Joyner recently issued a statement condemning Tavis Smiley and Cornel West for turning their personal… Read more »

President Obama Called ‘A D—’ by ‘Time’ Editor Mark Halperin: UPDATE

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President Obama was characterized as behaving like “a d—” by an editor of Time magazine on the right-wing show “Morning Joe,” an egregious gaffe that aired live because the delay button wasn’t activated. Thus, the atrocious legacy of Obama being the most abused and disrespected president in American history continues. Mark Halperin, the editor in… Read more »

President Obama Blasts Republicans About Tax Ceiling; Says Country in Dire Situation

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President Obama put the Republican Congress on blast, saying that if they do not agree to raise the $14.3 trillion tax ceiling, the country will suffer dire consequences. “People shouldn’t get spooked,” he says. “But the yellow light is flashing. This is urgent.” Economic pundits issued severe warnings of “potentially catastrophic consequences” if the ceiling… Read more »

President Obama Pressured to Endorse Gay Marriage

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President Barack Obama no sooner douses the fire raised about troop withdrawal plans in Afghanistan than he has to seek ways to repel another cultural inferno from erupting: his position on gay marriage. The timing could not be better, or worse, depending on which side of this issue you are on. Obama will travel to… Read more »