President Obama’s Vacation Reading List

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President Obama brought along three books with him to Martha’s Vineyard and purchased two more at the Vineyard bookseller, Bunch of Grapes, to add to his reading list. Of the five books, four are novels. One is a nonfiction account of the exodus of African Americans from the South. Ever wondered if the president’s taste… Read more »

Anthony David, President Obama’s Favorite Artist, Headlines One Music Fest

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Savannah native and Atlanta resident Anthony David is a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter who first came to our attention writing songs for Atlanta’s own India Arie. His first single, “Words,” was a duet with Arie that had fans and critics alike comparing the soul singer to Bill Withers. David’s third studio album, titled As Above So Below… Read more »

Why is President Obama Quoting a Corporate Billionaire’s Opinion on Taxing the Rich?

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President Obama wants you to agree with the words of Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffet, a billionaire who has been made richer by the tax break extension signed into law late last year. Why? Because, unlike many wealthy corporate CEOs who insist “trickle down” economics is best for everyone, Buffett believes he and his super-rich friends… Read more »

Breaking News: President Obama Announces Free Contraception for Women

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President Barack Obama announced major health care changes for women in America with his recent and official disclosure that contraception will soon be free for all women and that co-pays for birth control will be eliminated. The new guidelines under the Affordable Care Act requires new health insurance plans to cover women’s preventative services such… Read more »

President Obama Loses 40,000 Twitter Followers After Tweeting About Debt Ceiling

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President Obama tried to take the fight of the nation’s debt ceiling into cyberspace — and lost. More than 40,000 of Obama’s Twitter followers “un-followed” him after the ceaseless barrage of tweets. Many of Obama’s followers became extremely irked when his administration’s campaign staff used @BarackObama Twitter account to post the Twitter handles of Republican leaders and send them the… Read more »

Jay-Z Says Criticism of President Obama ‘Fair’

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As of late, President Barack Obama has received heavy criticism from a number of sources including outspoken rapper Lupe Fiasco. And while many feel that the criticism is unwarranted and out of line, hip-hop mogul Jay-Z is claiming that any criticism President Obama has received is “fair.” According to Billboard, on Thursday night, July 7,… Read more »